Puff Diddy donated a million dollars to his mom

When it comes to a shelf for mom, ¡Puff Diddy ingen tiene límites! The singer recited celebrating the companion number 80 of his mother, Janice Combs, and it is home to a couple of millionaires who are indebted. And that, to increase all the support and love of the woman, the interpretation of I will miss you not only the party with a large pastel in his hogar, sino with a million dollars and a bright car for her solita.

At home and rodeo of his most wanted dogs, Sean Combs, original original of the song, organized a party for mom on Thursday the surprise with the exclusive shelves. If you open one of your posts, you will find that you can get a check for a million dollars.

But the surprises have no end in sight. The check is not the only shelf for mom and, imagine it as a sequel, the rapper’s mom accompanies her on the patio to find a bright Bentley car with a large black shelf on it. As far as details are concerned, what is the point of the Christmas war this year?

Janice Combs, in perfect shape!

Diddy is sorry for his mother and pretends to be less provocative than to say hello to his wife. For this, in his party, the party demonstrates that it is quite flexible and logosar colocar the palms of his men in the sole without problem, which generates an ovation and gritos of emotion between the invitees.

Puff Diddy celebrates his mom's companions© @ diddy
PDiddy is the one who drives to see her mother

Janice, in addition, has a pretty glamorous look with a white dress, style 20s. White and happy media will give you an extra touch to your look, as well as a loaded makeup and toned glasses for the night, in addition to leaving a little lacio in his rubia melena.

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