Price until December 22nd

City of Mexico /

To initiate operations the price of the dollar hoy viernes is up to 20.53 pesos in banks. So much so, the type of change Interbank is trading at 19.97 pesos per dollar, with a loss of 0.19 per cent front to the 19.94 pesos of the price reference month.

Citibanamex sell the dollar for 20.53 pesos, while que Banorte ha hace da 20.20, BBVA Mexico da 20.21, Santander then 20.20 years Banco Azteca of 19.76 units.

El peso se depreciaba este martes from a mixed day to months of emerging countries, the inversionists are assimilating the impact of a new coronavirus cephalopod in the United Kingdom, which has since the end of the week approved a package of estimates in the United States.

What is the type of change?

Banco Base explained that l-one Mayor of the divisions lost ground front to dollar by third day consecutive, then on demand as a refuge it was raised ahead of the rapid advance of the coronavirus pandemic in various countries and through the implementation of other security measures, which it hopes will have a negative effect on the global economy of the quarter.

For its part, Monex dijo que lthe world-level shareholder markets present mixed movements with a positive six, nevertheless to announce the advance of the new cepa of coronavirus in Reino Unido. The developers of the vaccine against covid-19 have mentioned that this too is an effective result for the new variant.

Dollars in real time

El Euro is sold on ventanilla at a maximum of 24.50 pesos and is sold at 24.50 pesos. For its part, la book esterlina is offered in 26.81 pesos and is purchased in 26.80 pesos.

El Banco de México (Banxico) registers the preview and change of exchange session of 20.09 pesos for dollars.