Presenting a code of ethics of ancestral medicine in Ecuador

El Ministry of Health Ecuadorian Public presented a code of ethics de la medicina ancestors and traditional of the nationalities and indigenous peoples of the country in an international meeting, informed this Wednesday, December 23, 2020 the Cartera de Estado.

And one symbolic act, the authorities of the Ministry of Health would call the ‘Code of Ethics of Men and Women’s Abstinence of Ecuador’s Ancient Medicine’, ante representatives Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Switzerland and Bolivia, and the social organizations of the original nations of the country.

La Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador guarantees the practices of ancestral and traditional mediated health el Accommodation, respect and promotion of the use of its goods, medicines and instruments, employed by the people and nationalities in the national territory, signaled by an official communication.

In the elaboration of the Code will participate from 2017 delegates of the 15 nationalities and 18 indigenous peoples indigenous peoples, in addition to the mountainous and African peoples.

The document recoge varios criteria: the systematization of concepts and definitions; the philosophical declaration; the regulation of practitioners; and the self-empowerment of the people and nationalities.

The National Director of Salud Intercultural, Miguel Quijije, appreciates the presence of the representatives of the indigenous nationalities in the event and result, that “this Code of Ethics reflects the knowledge that exists within the equatorial territory, as long as it is millennial and that it is visible.”

For his part, the defender of the indigenous rights and lecturer of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Mexico (UNAM), Araceli Burguete, demonstrated that he was treated by one “contribution It is relevant and generates the ability to replicate in order for more communities of different continents to be able to build shared compartments “.

Treat yourself to the first opportunity to develop a code of ethics unifying men and women with Sabiduría in coordination with the sanitary card, which by mission has benefited from the presence of millions of seats ecuatorianos which now comes the ancestral acquaintances plasmados in the same.

Lock practices de medicina forfædre han sido ampliamente utilizadas durante la actual pandemic for different peoples originating in Ecuador and other countries of the region, to help combat the effects provoked by covid-19.