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What do we value in the beginnings of physical exercise practice?

However, in addition to other areas of knowledge, the Scientists of Physical Activity and Sport have developed significantly in the last few decades. This fast-paced development has produced graceful combinations of different factors. Between them, the increase in the quantity and rigor of the scientific investigations published on this matter. También la Mayor presence de deport in the media of communication and social speeches. There will be an increase in the number of competent professionals who work in educational centers, clubs and sports facilities. In addition to the quotes, it is also worth noting that the population demands physical activity of quality with the goal of obtaining those benefits. Y lo hace cada vez más.Mejorar de rendimiento deportivo, elstado salud, el corporation peso… Las expectativas de resultados son las responsables de la proliferation de nuveas tendenscias, metodologas o dispositivos relacionados con la physical activity. Well, even in some cases you can get useful results, while others can generate frustration, not proportionate the deadly effects. Pueden, inclusive, llegar a comprometer la salud. Whoever recurs if he or she starts to make progress To benefit from physical activity, the first is to seek professional technical assessment. It is important that both adapt to our particular situation. For example, the oath, state of health, level of physical condition and objectives. In this sense, a good option is to consult the graduates in Science and Sports Activity. The reason is that these professionals have received specialized and necessary university training in this area of ​​knowledge. In addition, it brings together the basic recommendations of international prestige entities, such as the World Health Organization, the American College of Medicine and the Harvard School of Medicine. Teniéndolas in account, we can be more critical with those who propose that it be agreed upon. How much physical exercise should be realized and how long? From the point of view of health, it is advisable for us to practice moderate or vigorous physical exercise (not extenuating) for sixty weeks a week. Respect the duration of the sessions, ideal for between 30 and 60 minutes. Asimismo, it is recommended that the activity be varied, dynamic and progressive. It is important that the Mayor is part of the possible body. This is the case, for example, of aerobic exercise, general strength or articular mobility. In any case, the load of physical acquisition (volume, duration, intensity, descents and frequency), must adapt to individual characteristics and preferences. In this way, loyalty to ownership is reduced and the risk of suffering injuries or problems is reduced. About this question, informs that, in Spain, the reading hours of Physics Education in primary and secondary are subject to the recommendation of international recommendations. For this reason, it does not appear that the habits and styles of living are disabled in the school population. This quiz is one of the reasons why this population group presents an obesity and overbearing index. Kontrol af eiercicio: devices and sensations Rodents, rodills, elliptical bicycles, activity mediators, pulse meters, pulse oximeters These allow quantification and control of the cargo of physical ownership with great precision. Well, regardless of the information we provide, we will prioritize the signals we send to our body. So all, in case we find ours particularly poor. The use of gadgets will always be adequate and when used under the supervision and assessment of professionals, they are formally trained. It also has the minimum knowledge required for its correct employment and interpretation. Muscular electroestimulationThis recommendation should also be applied to muscular electroestimulation devices. The technique has been employed for decades in people with reduced mobility who tried to avoid the loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia). Also to improve lesion recovery and increase muscular strength in deportation. On occasion, without embarrassment, the misuse of these devices has caused serious problems in the health. For example, to soften the muscular fiber (myocytosis), we can take the cream and try to provoke rhabdomyolysis. This syndrome is characterized by the presence of the substances contained in the interior of the red fibers (myoglobin, creatine quinase or CK) in the blood sangria and, in the most severe cases, can compromise the renal function. “Do what you want the rest” is always an adequate option. You should take the opportunity to comment on the “tendency to do what you want”. Especially if whoever promotes or divulges is an influential person with the ability to influence. It is the case of successful deportistas with social reconciliation, but also of certain people or those who have committed suicide with us. It is true that incentive, referrals and retrospective searches can increase adherence to the practice of ficus. Well, there is a risk that the effects of some of these properties and recommendations have not been proven by science. We can also correct that the realizations of incorrect form, decontextualized or without the individual adaptations necessary.Como has been mentioned previously, the media of communication, the social speeches and the mobile phone applications he contributed to the division. The problem is that, on occasion, it is measured and recommended without any filter type. Being aware of our capacities and limitationsIf we intend to pursue a return proposal in any medium or social network, we will plant a series of questions. Between them, with whom are we comparing or with whom to imitate: What did you have? What level is the training that offers ?. It is also important to evaluate our median health through a medical check and to reflect on how our physical condition level is. Additionally, hay tener takes into account the entorno in which the “challenge” is planted. It is decided, under what ambient conditions will be realized: location, temperature, relative humidity … Depending on the responses, act with coherence and common sense. In summary, before initiating into a physical conditioning program or treating imitators who have the demas, it is necessary to look for the appropriate technical assessment. We must also take into account that physical condition and health have their variables influenced by a number of factors. For example, life habits, physical activity preview, nutrition, sleep or state of mind. For this reason, we do not need to deposit all of our functional capacity bestsellers and a single product, device or tendency. Therefore, of the same mode that we create that can win 20 Grand Slam titles uniquely using the same racket that Rafael Nadal, we also aspire to improve our physical condition and health only by imitating a tendency to buy a determined product or real competition. This article was originally published by The Conversation. Lea the original. Ismael Sanz Arribas has no salary, no consulting work, no actions, no financing from any company or organization that can receive a benefit from this article, and has declared the most relevant corners of the academy.