Preoccupation with the Department of Health for the promotion of diarrhea deaths related to COVID-19

If he has had a dislocation in the hospitalizations by COVID-19, as well as patients in intensive care units connected to ventilators for complications associated with it, the authorities predict the death toll associated with it.

Here’s the information in the press conference at the press conference by Lorenzo González Feliciano, Secretary of Department of Health, which results in the fatalities related to this virus being maintained as early as November as of December 10th.

“This number is preoccupied for Puerto Rico”, the official pointed out, which anticipates that by 2020 the term will end with more than 1,500 deaths for this reason.

Following dates of Salud, the day before today 1,408 deaths were reported by COVID-19 in Puerto Rico. Of course, 66,583 cases were confirmed.

While, 537 hospitalizations were reported for the virus, with 87 ventilated patients and 86 intensive care units. González Feliciano warns that this reflects a dismay and that during the month of November hubo and pico of hospitalizations (657) and more than 100 patients of the virus connected to ventilators, as well as in intensive care units.

“We have more availability of medical resources (hospitals)”, says the official.

For its part, Dr. Iris Cardona, Secretary of Health, informs that last week, 96% of the 30,225 vacancies administered by COVID-19 were handled by the Pfizer company. These, in fact, are distributed among 117 health facilities, including 64 hospitals. While this week, 47,500 doses of the Modern company, including 20,000 of them have not been used since they read the material needed by the administrators, which is why it is widely read.

According to officials, the National Guard currently has 20,000 doses available for health professionals who do not work in hospitals and their staff.

Regarding the phases of evacuation, mention that the 1-A follow-up includes only the health professionals and hospital staff, as well as those who work in other medical facilities. It also includes employees and residents of extended care. Health professionals, on the other hand, are being cared for for a term of six weeks, while a parallel form is being taken care of by employees and residents of extended care.

Phase 1-B, on the other hand, will take place during this term, following the guidelines of the Center for the Control and Prevention of Injuries (CDC) for this evacuation.

“His recommendations (from the CDC) and ours more or less our adoption”, said Cardona.

According to the Salud itinerary, it will be in Phase 1-B when 65 people are evacuated or more than live in congregated environments, as well as a series of first-line workers. The 1-C, while both, will be for people with chronic illnesses of 16 years in adelante, people in prison, people with disabilities, people in rooms, spiritual assistance staff, universities, staff who work in restaurants and workers of other essential services .

Phase 2, meanwhile, is intended for people over 16 years of age or older, without chronic illness. To this end, it is hoped that the vaccine will be available in multiple evacuation centers, informs Cardona. According to González Feliciano, it is hoped that by February there will be vacancies against the COVID-19 of five companies with the use of the federal governing body.

A panel of experts from the CDC issues the Domingo recommendations to be made to Phase 1-A person of 65 years who does not live in congregated towns, as well as 16 years or more with chronic illnesses.

“The limiting factor is the distribution of the vacancy of the company that produces it,” said Cardona.

Although it was reported last week that it had received information about a change in the number of vacancies distributed, with minor numbers in the deadlines, it was reported that the vacancy had not been approved.

The Department of Health updated the markets on the evacuation phases in the island.

“Van a haber vacunas para todos”

On this day, without embarrassment, the vacancies that Pfizer hopes for this week have not been received. Segun informed González Feliciano, for this week he hopes to receive 27,300 Pfizer vehicles and 20,900 from Moderna. Cardona warns that some vacancies will not be distributed until the next few months to the Christmas festivities.

“We are going to take some months, but we have vacancies for all the poor people,” Cardona wrote.

As for the adverse effects on the vagina, the pediatric infectious disease has been reported to affect people with minor effects, including fever, muscular pain, pain in the body, lice, nausea, vomiting in an area of ​​the mouth, edema or in a barn of the car, eruptions or “udslæt” e hinchazón del labio.

Mientras tanto, el-læge José Rodríguez Orengo, direktor del Fideicomiso de Salud Pública, komento que un stududios de prevalencia que realizaron a finalees noviembre und distintos pointos del pais countero que entre las 1,175 encuestas realizadas se detecto una prevalencia de 2. , while 55% said that they had vacancies and 27% that they had vacancies.

Fabiola Cruz, who runs the Municipal Case and Contact Investigation System, said that in Puerto Rico there are 1,800 doses of monoclonal treatment available to people contagious with the virus that binds to diseases and meets hospitalization criteria.. Indicate that the physicians interested in more information and solicitation for any patient should write to

Mientras, Idania Rodríguez, has been in doubt about the prevention and control of viruses for adult mayors, informed about how long to take, and 44 men are activated by COVID-19, a razon of 14 and 15 brotes semanales and centros de cuidado prolonged. Having passed the property, while doing so, identified 140 dead residents of these facilities, by Rodriguez exhorting the employees of these houses to take care to avoid contact and expose the residents of these facilities.

On the other hand, it is reported that, until the crash, the death has occurred by the flight of three people to be positive about the virus.

About the deaths by COVID-19, Wanda Llovet, of the Demographic Register, informed that 59% were female, 88% and persons of 55 years or more and 88% were hospitalized and hospitalized.