PPD advertises the Absolute Mayoria in the Chamber of Representatives

The Electoral Commission of Popular Democratic Party (PPD), Gerardo “Toñito” Cruz, declared this late a Jesus Christmas as governor of the district representative’s 31, who is being officialized by the State Election Commission (CEE), assururía la cameral mayoral de la collectivad.

The final report of the Representative District 31, which includes the Presents of 82 of Caguas and the 84th of Gurabo, the current representative of the PPD, Jesus Santa, prevails with a sale, at the moment, of 126 votes on the candidate of the New Progressive Party (PNP). “I am informed that toadavia is missing a maletin to recruit, without embarrassment, the same has already been added to 30 pellets, which will not reveal the announced result”, manifest Cruz by writing.

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In the portal of the CEE, the results were exhibited a significant retreat to the lodge of the general scrutiny, Santa maintained a sale of 741 votes on Vimarie Peña Dávila, of PNP. As a matter of fact, the latest update of the contingent contest is that it remains to be seen by the votes of 31 of the 146 colleges of this district.

With 26 representatives, the PPD could approve legislation in the Chamber of Deputies without the help of the minority parties.