Positions without defining in the universal pelota

The regular series of the Dominican Invertebrate pelota has a “dramatic” final, with a quadruple empathy scenario in the first position between the Toros del Este, Águilas Cibaeñas, Gigantes del Cibao and Estrellas Orientales and in the third position, between Estrellas and Giants.

In all the scenarios, a miniseries was planted with the participation of the Lions of the Escogido, by the quarter.

If the Macorisanos ganan, (Giants and Stars) give their record in 16-14, equal to the Aguiluchos who will finish their regular round and the Bovinos, who will have to determine the positions by the General Run Average, in virtue of that no team has dominion over the demas in the bet series

Finished the round on December 22, the Eagles held 112/130, annotated and allowed; Giants 144/122; Estrellas 117/102 y los Toros 111/111.

In accordance with the official statistics of the Dominican League of Bésibol (Lidom), the Eagles won the series specifically on the Toros and Estrellas; los Gigantes a las Águilas og las Estrellas a los Toros.


If the macorisanos søn derrotados finalize empatados in the third league with 15-15 and as well as empataron the series determined, the positions will be defined by the same system and the quarter will play a mini playoff in the top three games, with the Lions of Escogido , anchored in the fifth position, and the governor occupies the quarter. If in the opposite case one of the two, Ghana, ese occupy the third place.

San Pedro de Macorís travels to Santo Domingo to mediate to the Tigers of Licey and San Francisco to La Romana, to play with the Toros, both parties, at 7:00 p.m.

If the Giants come to the Toros and the Licey to the Estrellas, the Eagles occupy the first position, the hunters in the second place, the losers on the ground and the Estrellas in the quarter.

Si ganan las Estrellas y pierden los Gigantes, los Toros finalizan primero; Águilas en segundo, Estrellas en tercero og Gigantes en cuarto, en medirse med los Leones para def defender