Phillies prepares oferta para retener a JT Realmuto

Loose Phillies de Philadelphia por fin se dignaron en decir algo sober el caso tema JT Realmuto and it is for this that we have one in the month oferta to renovate the star receptor Grand Leagues (MLB).

Según Jon Heyman, los Phillies tienen preparada una oferta for JT Realmuto, making it clear with this that if they want to preserve the stellar receptor in the new reticules of baseball Grand Leagues, but in the same way saben the pretend to be a pilot in the free agency.

Here is the report:

In principle, it is thought that they Phillies has no interest in retaining a JT Realmuto, but now it is oferta dice the counter and all depend on who decides the pilot, knowing that for the time 2021 of MLB offers new teams the sobraron tras ser free agent.

Nacionales, Astros, Mets, Blue Jays and including the Yankees estuvieron in the orbit of JT Realmuto at the beginning of the bad weather, keeping in mind that they Phillies aún no había salido a la luz con algo, pero sabiendo lo de la offer, without doubt the Philadelphia team has some priority with the All-Star receptor in the MLB.

The gardener and also the star of them Phillies, Bryce Harper, was the main voice during the 2020 deadline for the company to JT Realmuto or le hiciera una oferta for years following the baseball of the MLB and appears to have completed the petition.

If well details of the oferta of los Phillies, will certainly be jugosa and important for JT Realmuto, ya que este receptor con el pasar de los anos en la MLB consolidated its number and are the best in the baseball.

Realmuto viene de una temporada 2020 de MLB with them Phillies of 46 hits, 11 jonroner, 32 impulsadas and a promotion with the .266 frame.