People in EE.UU. ya tendrían nueva cepa de coronavirus

(CNN) – Investigators studying the new coronavirus virus in the United Kingdom are likely to go to the United States in mid-November and many people in the United States will be infected.

“If you find that it is true, you will probably think so.” [esté] in hundreds of people now, ”said Michael Worobey, head of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona. “It is very possible that there are several different types of places”.

“Imagine the amount of infected travelers who live in London; has increased exponentially », said Trevor Bedford, Associate Professor of the Division of Vacancies and Infected Sickness of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

British scientists have unveiled the most temperate apparition of the new cepa between September 20 in Kent, a condo in London’s surest.

Worobey and Bedford say they estimate the virus is linked to the United States in mid-November.

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Both scientists, as well as others around the world, read the genetic sequences of the coronavirus in the United States to see if it falls together with the variant of the United Kingdom. Hasta has not yet met anyone, but says that it is probably debated that the United States vigilance system is not detectable.

The health workers are in agreement.

“Really debates assuming that you are here, and certainly not the dominant one, but I do not absolutely surprise you if you are here,” said Dr. Martes. Anthony Fauci, Director of the Instituto Nacional de Alergias y Enfermedades Infecciosas.

“It’s possible to be in the United States and it is possible that we have not been detected,” said the deputy secretary of health, Brett Giroir.

The new cepa of coronavirus from United Kingdom in EE.UU.

The coronavirus variant of the United Kingdom has not been identified and is undergoing sequencing efforts in the United States. These are the Centers for Control and Prevention of United States (CDC) and a scientific information published on its website on March.

Syndembargo, dice, only has been secured around 51,000 of 17 million cases in United States that it has accounted for, less than 0.5%.

“The small fraction of stage infections that it has sequenced, the variant being in the United States has not been detected,” the CDC said.

To detect new mutations in a virus, collect infected patient samples and read them for genetic sequencing, observing the order of the letters in their genetic code in a new algae.

In United States only a relatively small number of samples passes through this process.

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As of November 15, approximately when the United Kingdom variant was registered with the United States, the genetic sequencing of the virus was carried out on 300 people in this country and 9,000 in the United Kingdom, Worobey said.

“We are going to die”, says Worobey. “Some quizzes that are equally interesting are extending with high frequency, but simply what we are looking for”.

On its website, the CDC reports that there are approximately 275,000 complete genome sequences and public data bases, 511,000 in the United States and 125,000 in the United Kingdom.

This difference is particularly surprising as it accounts for the highest number of confirmed infections in the United States — more than 18 million — compared to more than 2.1 million in the United Kingdom.

The new coronavirus cepa

The health officials say that the investigation has now shown that the cambios will make the virus more transmissible, but it will not appear that the variant causes a more serious illness.

It also says that at this point, the vacancy will continue to work against the United Kingdom variant. Last week, the CDC launched a vigilance program of cepas from which states sent in at least 10 samples every two weeks for its analysis. The hopeful agency will have the program fully implemented in January.

– Michael Nedelman de CNN contributes with an este informe.