Passenger who insures no tenure of COVID-19 cayo kills dead in full; autopsy revealed that tenia SARS-CoV-2 | International | News

A United Airlines passenger and a flight from Orlando and Los Angeles were declared dead after the plane made an emergency exit on December 14 in New Orleans. The man, who had not been identified, suffered a medical emergency on board the plane, informed the airline.

Other passengers on the same page reported on Twitter that the man’s spokesman suggested that he was infected with coronavirus and that some of the virus was infected; however, United Airlines is signaling that it has not received information about the cause of the medical emergency.

“Our flight was diverted to New Orleans due to a medical emergency and paramedics transported the passenger to a local hospital where the person was declared bankrupt. We are in contact with the family and we will extend our most sincere condolences on his loss”, he said. the airline business. “If there is any speculation in the media that this is related to COVID, we have not received confirmation of the cause of death,” he said.

Fox News detail that a testimonial in the airplane confirms that the passengers thought that the man was having an attack on the heart, but the man’s husband said “fast” that he was experimenting with difficulty in breathing and that he was missing the taste and olfato. Another boy who has been on the same plane as some have ever done RCP, or my men “torque compression” in the man before he hits the plane.

On March 22, the information was announced, and it was announced that the 69-year-old man would suffer from acute respiratory failure and COVID-19.

ABC News informs that in order to fly in the main aerodynamics, the passengers should confirm that he did not give positive to the coronavirus or that he experienced experiments similar to COVID in the last 14 days. According to the medium, the passenger reads this form and says that it is not positive and that it does not have a rheumatology. (I)