Passenger car with aircraft with a superstructure to establish and point of loss of control

(CNN) – One of the passengers who jumped out of a Delta plane with his railing when the plane entered a path that needed to lose control, made statements during a cargo reading on March.

The passengers and the train were on board a plane with a destination to Atlanta at the New York LaGuardia airport on Monday, when at least one of the passengers opened the cabin door and activated the corridor to clear the aviation just before despegue.

Antonio Murdock, of 31 years, and Brianna Greco, of 23 years, of Florida, enfrentan cargos of illegal invasion of third degree, según Lenis Valens, portavoz de la Autoridad Portuaria de Nueva York og Nueva Jersey.

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Murdock has also been accused of giving property a second degree and giving him an improvised shot at otros, said Valens.

During the reading of the Murdock cargoes in the New York City Criminal Tribunal on March, the authorities will say that a person who was in the plane during the incident observed the day he observed a passenger passing by the aircraft .

Following the declaration by the azafata, presumably listening to the passenger, identified by the authorities like Murdock, essentially said: “Necesito bajarme del avion, no quiero sentarme here, voy a abrir la puerta”.

Murdock is presumably trying to get a flight attendant and open a market with “emergency exit”, which provokes the toboggan adjoining and declining. Luego, the male retrieves to his yard and salio using the tow, according to the communication.

The passenger, identified as Greece during the cargo reading, was subsequently taken to Murdock by the toboggan. The pair and the platform align themselves with the plane to the ring road.

Authorities were detained posteriorly in an area of ​​restricted road traffic, as indicated during cargo reading.

The flight attendant informed the authorities that he had no situation in the plane that required Murdock to open the emergency gate, following the loading procedures.

Jubril Oladiran, Murdock’s lawyer, has no comments on CNN when contacted. CNN intends to communicate with Greece in order to make comments, and it is not clear if it has legal representation.

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Casey Johnson, who is not a resident of Manhattan, where there is a house with his family in Panama City Beach, Florida, le dijo and CNN que cambió de asiento con la pareja y su perro en la puerta.

Johnson says that the party was aggravated and that the party was going to run the commune during its interaction.

Lame to man, identified by the authorities as Murdock, “from your mouth”.

Murdock also tried to exchange sons with Johnson, dijo, to get the last pass of the plane to accommodate his dog.

The plane was parked there, except for the media assistants who were looking for Delta’s covid-19 policy. Minutes then, without embarrassment, the couple wanted to advance various lanes, said Johnson.

“Hecho, recuerdo haber pensado, ‘Bueno, ustedes me pidieron que cambiara sillas con ustedes porque querían estar atras, y ahora, de repente, decidieron que querían estar adelante’», dijo.

Johnson, who was using audiophones while riding the plane, noticed a slowdown.

“And it follows that if we do, we will arrive at our places and we will have many people and as many people as possible will cross the delinquent part of the aircraft. “And it’s a sign that they need to have passengers who are willing to stay close to the person,” Johnson said. If it does not live in the avenue and on the other side of the airplane, the airway in the front of the airplane is closed.

Johnson said that the pilot told the passengers about the elevators of the cabin that the toboggan had been deployed and that it had been lowered, but did not say that the passengers were safe.

Johnson says the plane was permanently on the runway for more than one hour before regressing to the gate.

After Murdock and Greco pay for the aircraft, the aircraft regresses to the gate and customers’ customers usually fly the aircraft, said Delta’s carrier, Morgan Durrant.

The airline can accommodate the remaining passengers in alternative flights, dijo.

“Maintenance techniques have evaluated the aeronautics and (are) programmed to perform the service this night,” said Durrant. Dijo that Delta ingen can offer more comments.

Murdock will return to court on February 9, and Græsk has scheduled to take part in the court on March 21, in the Queens District Fiscalia.

Valens, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, said the dog was accompanied by a Brooklyn animal refuge.

En græsk se le dio un recibo para recuperar al perro, dijo Valens.

In a statement, the Federal Aviation Administration confirms the incident and the arrests and extradition of additional agents in Delta and the local authorities.

Ganesh Setty, Laura Ly, Hollie Silverman and Eliott C. McLaughlin de CNN contribute to an este informe.