Papa Noel elephants dressed as mascarillas in a school in Thailand

Four elephants, with adorns of Papa Noel and giant mascarillas, parade the miracles in their annual visit to a school center in Thailand.

Los paquidermos Sri Mongkon, de 14 años, Sri Raya, de 6, Peter, de 15 y King Kaew, de 18, transportaban in his trompas cestas with mascarillas to distribute between the alumni and the families in the exterior of the Jirasat Wittaya school in Ayutthaya, in a Bangkok hour.

The wild cantaban cubs and take pictures with the animals.

For Brett Baxter, Professor of English and Science, the act acts as an object to promote the spiritual spirit, with a touch of Thai.

“It’s fantastic for the nines. Mezcla dos culturas, la de Navidad, con el Papá Noel y la alegría que trae … y la de Thailand, con los elefantes”, explained to AFP.

“There are many trainings and care. We know these elephants from many years ago”, added.

Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of the kingdom of Siam, is considered as the city of the Christian community in Thailand. European Catholic missionaries built this town a Chao Phraya river eagle eagle made three sails.

Ayutthaya’s nieces receive the visit of these elephant vestments of Papa Noel from 17 years ago, recorded the director of the Ayutthaya Elephant Center, Ittipan Paolamai.

“This year, debid the pandemic (…), hemos approved this opportunity to raise public awareness about covid-19 propaganda“, declares – a la AFP.

However, some critics of these shows in schools, a “very questionable and unacceptable” activity, said Jan Smith-Burbach, veterinarian and member of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (Verdensdyrbeskyttelse), contacted by videoconference.

“Presented to the nines is a completely erroneous panorama of these animal animals that are an endangered species. They are found in buffets and ponds, when in reality their animals are salvaged,” he explains.