Óscar Ortiz, Secretary General of the FMLN, ingresado and el ISSS of bronconeumonía | El Salvador News

Inform these stores about their Twitter account which is stable, but can be controlled to remove complications.

The FMLN’s general secretary, Óscar Ortiz, finds himself entrenched in a national hospital while having a bronchial obstruction, according to information about his Twitter account.

“The room I found stable and with the best in my salute. Trusting in God and the total support of the doctors, I hope to recover very soon. Thank you for your solidarity and actions ”, writes the farabundista.

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Deputies from his party also stated that he had received information that he did not receive the message, but that he would not confirm COVID-19’s request.

Mientras que la deputada Cristina Cornejo sí bekræfter en El Diario de Hoy que Ortiz habia sido ingresado par COVID-19.

For the moment, the same Ortiz has stated: “Good morning! “While there are preventive measures and attending protocols indicated by the doctors, in addition to a bronchodilator, I have been in control of the ISSS to discuss any situation at the time,” informs Izquierda.