Opposition nicaragüense denounces police physical aggression

Nicaraguan opponent Felix Maradiaga assured the youths that during a police force, the impediment to a living, to a fracture of a man and his other dislocation.

Maradiaga, political scientist, leader of the opposition United National Blue and White Union (UNAB), claims to travel to Bilwi, Hovedstadsregionen Caribe norte, with a charter of humanitarian aid to enthrall people killed by Hurricane Iota and Etais, who also.

A video leaked by UNAB shows the moment when police officers block Maradiaga in the aftermath of a capital case that is habitually inhabited, which may have taken steps to abandon the property for “security reasons”.

The agents, carrying antimotinous escorts, rode to the police and the emperor were obliged to return to the interior of the house. “Ingrese, vamos, ingrese”, he praised the police when the opponent treated them without fail to release the security cord and join a group of journalists who hope to do so.

“I intend to leave the house where I am staying the night and do not allow it. We impede our own constitutional right of movement in our own country, ”Maradiaga told The Associated Press.

Indicating that a doctor determined to go to the case for attending, and found that “one of the victims of the disorder is fractured and the other dislocated”, the policy “does not allow me to go to a clinic to perform a radiography”.

“Nej, han er dejado salir desde hace días, estoy en una Situation de secuestro domiciliario”, insisterer.

Maradiaga recorded that other opposition leaders had similar similarities in the last few days due to police and paramilitary elements affecting the government.

Without embarrassment, the situation “is extremely extreme in the rural areas most recognized by the country, where the victims are suffering persecution and extrajudicial assumptions by the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega”.

Another director of the UNAB, Roger Reyes, who traveled with Maradiaga to Bilwi, was detained by police at the “Sandino” airport when he decided to board a local plane, following the announcement of the same Reyes with another video published and social speeches.

Last March, the periodical Carlos Fernando Chamorro was accused of trying to force police to take a press release in the offices of the offices of his Confidential and Esta Semana media, closed by the governing body in the years, in the market of social protests of 2018.