One of the first third-party MagSafe battery packs for iPhone 12 can now be ordered

We have been waiting anxiously for third-party accessory manufacturers to create new types of MagSafe accessories for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Last month, we shared a concept with detailed ideas for a MagSafe battery pack for replacing things like thin battery boxes. Now we are starting to see real products come to life. Charge Fast has debuted one of the first MagSafe power banks.

Charge Fast’s MagSafe powerbank is advertised as capable of 15W wireless charging and 20W charging when connected to a device via a cable. The battery itself is charged via USB-C.

Like the MagSafe Wallet, you can click on this battery right on the back of your iPhone 12 or even on top of an iPhone 12 case. It is available in three colors: blue, green and gray. Its design clearly resembles a steel luggage box and looks quite smooth.

There are definitely more battery accessories like this one and we should note that this particular battery is not Apple approved. So your mileage may vary, but as I mentioned earlier, this is the first MagSafe battery I have been able to find. It’s priced at $ 89.99 on the Charge Fast website, but is currently on sale for $ 54.99.

What remains to be seen is whether Apple has official accessories for battery cases for the iPhone 12 range, and whether they will incorporate MagSafe in this accessory.

Update at 22.20 EST on 12/23

A list of identical products has been found on AliExpress. The OEM of the power supply appears to be a company called Caseier. Their list contains more information such as a capacity of 5000 mAh and other technical details that readers may have wondered about. They also offer accessories at a significantly lower price.

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