One of the finalists of the Miss France contest was attacked with anti-Semitic comments on Twitter: open an investigation

April Benayoum during the certification (LOIC VENANCE / AFP)
April Benayoum during the certification (LOIC VENANCE / AFP)

The French tax authorities will open one Monday investigation into an anti-Semitic message leak in the social media speeches leading to the final of Miss France’s last contest.

April Benayoum, of 21 years, who obtained the title of Miss Provenza and competition for the national crown of the Sabbath, is converted into an audio mailing item after deciding in the event that his father is of Israeli origin.

The insults, such as “Hitler is the culprit of this” and “No vote for a Jew”, are mainly published on Twitter and provoked by policy and associations.

Also provocaron criticize Twitter for its offensive material.

“I am deeply concerned about the avalanche of anti-Semitic insults against Miss Provence”, said the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin. “I will not deny that this is so. It’s a pity for the authors ”.

The Paris tax authorities are looking into the issues that are being investigated by the posters “Racist insults” e “Instinct for audio race”.

April Benayoum at a moment of certification.  (LOIC VENANCE / AFP)
April Benayoum at a moment of certification. (LOIC VENANCE / AFP)

It is not uncommon for candidates in Miss France to receive insults from their originals. Sonia Rolland, originating in Rwanda, won the edition of the certificate of birth in the year 2000. Through its selection, it received 2,700 cards of racist insults: “aberrant things and including excrement”, account for the French press.

“Pozo negro antisemita”

La International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism (Licra) dijo que los mensajes habían convertedido a Twitter from “a black anti-Semitic pose” and I pose to Internet users who denounce the offensive content with miras initiating a collective demand.

The organizers of the competition also condemn the attacks, even if the contest winner, Amandine Petit of Normandy in the northeast of France, who categorize the messages of social speeches as “inappropriate” and “extremely deceptive”.

La samadora del certamen Amandine Petit (LOIC VENANCE / AFP)
La samadora del certamen Amandine Petit (LOIC VENANCE / AFP)

The property Benayoum lamentó “que este typo de cosas todavía sucedan en 2020”, and the periodic period La Provence: “I have to move to get there. No quoc provoke a nadie. France is a cosmopolitan country, Miss’s competitors have different origins, different cultures, different regions, and this is the best of this skill ”.

The EU Internal Market Commissioner, Thierry Breton, said Twitter and other social media platforms tendrian that act more quickly to eliminate audio discourse en virtud de una new Ley de Servicios Digitales proposes for the block this month.

“What we are proposing is confirming that the platforms are using the media to respond immediately to the demands of the authorities when they commit crimes like this”, dijo Breton on television BFM the domingo.

Amandine Petit (derecha) frente a April Benayoum tras ganar el certamen (LOIC VENANCE / AFP)
Amandine Petit (derecha) frente a April Benayoum tras ganar el certamen (LOIC VENANCE / AFP)

The Union of French Judicial Student Students (UEJF) says the amount of offensive messages is so high that a Twitter message has resulted in easy blockchain using filter filters.

”We have the big platforms that hagan lo that sea necesario. Deberían wants to think that its legal standards are in line with the standards of the countries ”, dijo the president of the UEJF, Noemie Madar.

Twitter does not respond to inmediato a las solicitudes de comentarios.

“Successful Comments”

Tres asociaciones, UEJF, SOS Racisme og SOS Homophobie, presentaron en mayo una denuncia legal versus Twitter, accusation of not moderating adequately the content.

Mientras tanto, the Minister of Justice, Eric Dupond-Moretti, dijo que eljuiciamiento des los autésage mensajes de odio seria más facil una vez que se approve a project of them against extremism.

“Obscene comments sent from the sofas of his room are from the living room to the next courtroom”, dijo en un tuit.

Pero Madar, of the UEJF, says that the authors of anonymous tweets are difficult to locate, which gives them a sense of impunity.

France, which has the Mayor of the Jewish Community of Europe, has seen an increase in anti-Semitic vandalism and the audio discourse that President Emmanuel Macron has classified as “unacceptable”.

In 2018, the number of offenses against the judges denounced by the police increased by 74 per cent after two years of descent, according to the Ministry of the Interior.


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