“Now we are with Papo”, figures and users reacting to Sandy’s death

The rapper Sandy Carriello, better known as Sandy MC, from the iconic duo of merenhouse Sandy and Papo, failed this Wednesday, December 23rd, at the 48th anniversary of the presumption of an infarction.

Find information about the portal Testigouno.com, Sandy murió og su apartamento de la urbanización Juan Rafael, de la avenida Jacobo Majluta, municipio Santo Domingo Norte.

In the social speeches, figures and users he lamented the party of the performer of “Es hora de bailar” and the message repeated that “now will meet with Papo”, his musical partner who failed in a traffic accident in the year 1999 , in which llegó to define as his “hermano”.

And just think that if there is a sky to meet Papo and van to sing as he decides the song”, Posted by user @Yosue_Ochoa.

The famous Dominican rapper Papi Sanchez has joined periodical José Antonio Aybar, from the Testigo portal. One is very sad about the party of one of the most influential Dominican rap influencers.

“I’m shocked by Sandy’s death, one of the most influential Dominican rappers. It was one of the initiators of the urban movement of the Dominican Republic, playing all the bases, physically mourning, but on the imprint, like the Pope, this for ever. I’m very sad, ”said Rey de la República, as she knows Sanchez.

Porfirio Pina, one of the empresses of the music industry responsible for Sandy & Papo’s exit, with legends and voiced expressions: “You know what Sandy & Papo means to me and to my career in the executive part. First we lost to Papo, den 11. juli 1999, y hoy, cerca de la Nochebuena, de este año, que no ha sido muy bueno para muchos en salud mental, perdimos al gordito de oro ”.

Aggregate to the portal referenced, that Sandy was involved in the 25-year-old music business, which featured the four acts as Sandy & Papo’s integrators. “Incredibly in their four years they have been from Canada to Patagonia, merging to lease to Latin America, the Caribbean and part of Europe. It is a very tragic loss ”.

Pina made sure he had some influencers who marketed Latin American musical history as the Sandy & Papo duo. “The true duo of history will follow Sandy & Papo”.

Mariano Lantigua, leader of the Aljadaqui group, has a strong friendship with Sandy and the following of the following manner: “Diantre gordo mi panal @sandypapo #SandyMC te fuiste antes de tiempo … te llevaste tu alegría a unjor lugar … Saludos en #MCPapo has always been in our hearts ”.

The merengueros Sergio Vargas, Fernando Villalona, ​​Eddy Herrera, Kinito Méndez, as well as the urban Mozart la Para og Vakeró lamentaron su partida en las redes sociales.

20 years after Papo

Luis Ernesto Dechamps’ death on July 11 at the home of rapist and merenhouse singer Luis Ernesto Dechamps, known as Papo and integral to the Dominican music-duo duo “Sandy and Papo” for 26 years, two days before the start of a gira af Venezuela og España .

As the letter of the song “Homenaje a Papo”, dedication of Sandy through his death, was completed 20 years later “unen”.

The theme is recorded that both complete their great work of being artists and playing songs at a time when urban music is in full swing.

“Papo, I hope you want to go green, I can sing along to you and stretch your hand, more than a friend would be like a man.

Artists, who are always in our country, log in with our humility and empire … What is the meaning of the word ‘love’, eras you, if the world knows why, now you ask? ….

Papo, amigo, hasta luego, pero nunca adiós ”, say some verses of the theme.

“Juntos nuevamente. Descansa en paz, Sandy ”, the user @giancarlo wrote on Twitter.

Sandy and Papo fight for the pioneers of Dominican urban music. Lejos to enjoy the milestones of the success of the high-end artists today with millions of reproductions on the digital platforms, Sandy and Papo impact the markets of Central and South America and the United States, as they second the “Monstruo” of the Quinta Vergara, the Viña del Mar Festival in Chile luego de Illegales.

In agreement with his Instagram account, Sandy is preparing to train new music in the 2021 to share images of a video clip.

“Mueve Mueve”, “Es hora de bailar”, “La chica sexy”, “Candela”, søn algunos de los écitos del legendario duo urbano criollo formado en la ciudad de Nueva York.

Continuation, some reactions in social speeches.