Nintendo Switch surprises fans with stealth release of classic 90s game

Nintendo and SNK have surprised Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite players with a new stealth release. Two days before Christmas and in the middle of a huge promotional sale from the Nintendo eShop, SNK has released Fatal Fury: First contact for Switch and Switch Lite via Nintendo eShop and right now only via Nintendo eShop. In other words, the game on Switch and Switch Lite is at least currently not available in retail in any form.

As of today, all Nintendo Switch users can download the classic Neo Geo Pocket Color game, which debuted back in 1909 for only $ 8. As you may know, this is not the first Neo Geo game released on Switch and Switch Lite by SNK, and it probably won’t be the last, but it’s the latest.

In addition to $ 8, everything that downloads the game must have 147 MB ​​of space available. That said, on the Switch, the game not only supports all three modes of play – handheld, TV and tabletop – but supports up to two players. Unfortunately, however, the language settings are limited to English and Japanese only.

Below you can check out a new trailer SNK released to accompany the stealth drop:

As you may know, Fatal Fury: First contact was the 10th and penultimate post in the series that debuted via Neo Geo Pocket Color, but has since been ported to a myriad of platforms. One of the less popular items in the series, it is more or less a portable version of Real match 2, or at least it is loosely based on the game that came before it a year earlier.

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