New York reviews plan to test and track 6,700 fans in Bill’s playoff game

Wild Card Round - Buffalo Bills vs. Houston Texans

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When the bills ended their first playoff game in a quarter of a century, questions were immediately raised as to whether fans could participate. It sounds like the state is more and more optimistic that fans will be there.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said today that the state is reviewing a plan that allows 6,700 fans to participate in a home playoff game in which those fans all get COVID-19 tests with quick results before entering the stadium.

“You could show up half an hour before a football game and take a test and go into a game,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo said he believes the plan to test fans before the game and track them afterwards to see if the virus has spread inside the stadium is possible.

“We are exploring some possibilities,” Cuomo said. “The Bills proposed 6,700 fans for their upcoming playoffs. The New York State Department of Health is working on a model where fans are tested on the way in and contact the track to see what the effect is. ”

The Bills are likely to host a playoff game every Saturday, January 9th and Sunday, January 10th. At the time, they were hoping that the plan had gotten OK by state authorities and that some members of the Bills Mafia would be there with their team.