New York initiates evacuation against COVID-19 of more than 600 senior citizens

One of the segments of the most affected population because of the coronavirus pandemic is sidu sin duda el de los ancianos, and today there is a great deal of controversy in New York about them medias tomadas por las autoridades en la pasada primavera evitaron, or on the other hand the emperor, who the number of adultos mayores que fallecieron af COVID-19 en los centros de cuidados hø sido astronómico. Although official figures estimate that there were 6,600 deaths, some experts from the Salud aseguran could be the double.

And to avoid that is vulnerable people siga siendo una de las main victims of the pandemic, this month the State initiated the evacuation process in 618 ancianatos and hogares de cuidados de adultos mayores, de los cuales 170 están en la Gran Manzana, which is part of the second stage of the process that begins with the first immunization of health workers.

Referring to this first stage of the evacuation process, Governor Andrew Cuomo said this month New York “I have distributed more doses than any other state in all countries, including in the past week of the week. Ya 38,000 neoyorquinos han sido vacunados ”.

The first primer to receive the vacuna is Monday, a 10 months since the start of the health crisis created by the coronavirus, fue Kelley Dixon, 78 years old, a resident el ‘Hebrew Home’ in Riverdale, and El Bronx.

In a live transmission, it is known to Dixon to subdue the manga and receive the injection, which could potentially save the life at a time when New York is already being blown away by a second of its contagiousness of COVID-19.

“Today is the principle of fin. Finally, in the 10 months, we will begin to see the light in the rendition of the obscurity. Ironically, in the shortest day of the year, the sun shines in the Hebrew Home “, dijo Daniel Reingold, president and executive director of the Hebrew home of Riverdale, who confirmed that the 600 residents in this former home have given their consent to receive the dose.

El evacuation program at the senior care center also includes the workers of these houses, and the Governor explained that it lasts six weeks, “and includes three ‘keyboards’ in each facility, divided by day 1 in the number of residents and a portion of workers receiving the first entry day 2 which is when residents and the same portion of workers receive the second dose, and day 3 in which the rest of the employees are evacuated ”.

In the Hebrew Home, for example, it is hoped that for the high school vacancies will be 100% of the seniors, Although there are six pharmacies administering the dose to 200 residents per day, there are a total of 1,000 people working in this place.

The evacuation of workers of the health commenced the lunar passage, per the process in the most of 600 hogares de ancianos del estado if a week is withdrawn, the eligible civil servants will be enrolled in a federal program contracted to Walgreens y CVS to administer the dose.

Since the beginning of the pandemic he has killed 50 seniors in the Hebrew Home, and in addition to this center, this month also plans to administer the vaccine in the ‘New Jewish home’ en el Upper West Side, y en el ‘Gurwin Jewish Nursing & Rehabilitation Center’ from Long Island.

This second stage is based on the fact that a federal assessor panel voted for the homeowner to provide 75 people or more with essential workers in the next file for the vacancies. Essential workers including bombers, policemen, prison guards, teachers and school staff, those who work in public transport, commendable tenders, in the food, agricultural and manufacturing sectors, and the employees of the Postal Service.

Vacation in NYC

In New York City, the ‘coming in pop’ process, and the alcalde Bill de Blasio inform this month that 42% of the doses he received at Gran Manzana have been administered, which is double the national premium of 19%.

“Hope is in the Horizon in New York City”, dijo el Alcalde, aggregado que estamos “advanzando a toda mákina para que los trabajadores de la salud y los ancianatos reciban las vacunas que necesitan para ganar la battalan vir una vez por todas”.

Blasio also announced the official inauguration of this Monday Vacancas Command Center which will allow, among other things, that neoyorquinos obtain real-time information about the dosing process in five condoms.

Meanwhile, the City Health Committee, Dr. Dave ChokshiAs a result, although some are in the early stages of the process, “vacancy figures and applications reflect the depth of the preparation of our medical attention system and the public health professionals”.

“Health workers who receive this vaccine have demonstrated a great deal of heroism and this vaccine will have a caption of protection against our health in the near future,” Chokshi concluded.

Vacation in NY in numbers:

  • 267,250 doses of Pfizer have been declared in the state.
  • 346,000 doses of Moderna llegarán this week.
  • 120,000 extra dose of Pfizer is also available this week.
  • 630,000 doses total is the figure that was originally confirmed in December.
  • 42,900 doses ya se he distributes a hospitals and ancianatos a NYC.
  • 18,105 of them 42,9000 have been applied to individuals.

Information about the vaccine:

  • To get real-time follow-up to the NYC Disease Management process, visit the page:
  • NYC llame al 311.
  • Estado de NY llame al 888-364-3065.