Neri’s resignation from the Directorate of Transportation

Ricardo Neri Vela, who acted as holder of the General Directorate of Protection and Preventive Medicine in Transport (DGPMPT) from 2018, resigned in his freight on 15 December due to health reasons, lieu haber enfrentado el covid-19. Aún no se designa a su reemplazo.

During his administration, Neri Vela, took place in an auditorium that culminated in the disappearance of the authorized third party program, although the argument of haber contradicts multiple evidences of malicious practices, in addition to the discovery of a right of corruption on the part of authorities.

The DGPMPT opened 12 Medical Units which is summarized in the 42 existing in the country, with the aim of having a mayor paying attention to staff with federal licenses. The new consultants of Guadalajara, Querétaro, Toluca and Ciudad del Carmen were opened in air terminals.

The dependency precludes the opening of other new units, without embargo, the impossibility of a pandemic on its entry into operation. Neri Vela ensures that these units have lists to indicate the attention to the users. “With these 63 Medical Units we will be waiting to cover the future demand”, Dijo.

Under the auspices of the new consultants, a group of more than a thousand persons with aeronautical licenses will show their non-compliance with the decision to eliminate the authorized third party program, making sure that the Board does not have the capacity to attend of transport, and denounce times of varying months for being awaited in some states.

In this situation aggregation is denounced regarding the impossibility of passing a citation for problems with the system online, on the one hand, Neri Vela explained that the problem was caused by the change of optics in the interior of the Secretariat.

The former title of the dependency insurance that Medicina Preventiva consiguió, under the auspices of the Secretariat de Hacienda, is a multi-year contract for the inversion of 40 million people that were used for the renovation of the medical team and furniture of the Medical Units.

Revealed that from 2021 the future future title of DGPMPT will be to introduce a new system of quotes for prepayment as well as the entry into operation of the new Metra system, which will replace the former Medprev. In this new system, the medical examiners introduce the information derived from the medical evaluations carried out on staff and, in accordance with the data obtained, the user determines if the user is able to obtain the first license or renew it.

The Metra system was developed by the Union of Information and Communication Technologies of the Secretariat of Communications and Transport, as the objective “Avoid manipulation of medical results and avoid acts of corruption”.

“At the end of the exams, taking into account the introductory dates, an automatic dictation will be obtained by the system, and the medical staff will not intervene. It is possible to fight the part wherever more acts of corruption are observed ”, explained,

The covid-19 pandemic obliges the dependence to temporarily suspend the application of medical examinations to avoid agglomerations and cases of covid-19 transmission, and in its place, will take place on June 30, 2021 the legal validity and validity of psychophysical aptitudes, certificates of vigorous capacities and federal licenses.