Narcissus Crook appeals to the Eagles with three irons and even leaves

The Licey will not be in the post-season, but there will be a great taste and deadline preventing the Final Eagles in the first position and the game of March can be a factor.

Narciso Crook entered the game with 24 agotado turns, only three inexplicable (sencillos) for a .125 goal and a draw. For the 25-year-old gardener, who will not be playing since December 19, he will bathe the strikers with three quadrangular strikes and boost the eight-a-side striker in the 8-3 draw.

Crook, the origin of Nagua and tomado in the new round of the 2015 series of novices, apparently appeared in 12 games. According to the periodical Tuto Tavárez, it is the new occasion in which a batsman has a trio of quadrangulars in a party of the Lidom.

Fue la victoria number 12 for the felines against 17 derrotas. Revues aguilucho coloca su marka en 16-14, debajo medid partido de los Toros (16-13), que cierran su calendario este mercoles. The joint that ends in the first position will be placed in one of the semifinal series.

In the park Quisqueya Juan Marichal, the victory went to Austin Bibens-Dirkx (1-0) and the derrota to Marcos Diplán (3-1).

Yermín Mercedes stands out in an anotó treces veces and Michael de León se fue de 4-2 by el Licey. For the Eagles, Rangel Ravelo has two hits in five turns and Jon Kemmer in four.

Las carreras

Las cuyayas tomaron the control of the encroacher in the first entry. With two outs, the Cuban Rangel Ravelo bats a single from the central garden and anotou with a double on the middle of the field of Isaías Tejeda.

The yellow amarilla sale increased in the second when Jon Kemmer pegó hit the right, Juan Carlos Pérez and Francisco Peña received the ballet and the receiver azul Roberto Peña comet a passed bold that dio space to enter the corridor of third.

But the azules ripostaron to the core of the second. Yermín Mercedes opened the sale with tubes on the right, Whynton Bernard sacked that the launcher Ángel Rondón did not drive and Narciso Crook threw iron from three wheels.

Santiago’s igualaron the shock in the quarterly episode of combining Peña’s and Melky Cabrera with base on Ramón Torres balls to congest the Ravelo’s bases and rodado that the Ramón Peña receptor has no way to enter the career.

Syndembargo, the felines recover the wind in the sixth with a dose similar to the third. Mercedes received four goals from Marcos Diplán and the Crook team won the second round by 5-3.

In the octave the inflatables inflate the wind. Mercedes abridged the entry with a hit to Izquierdo, Wynton Bernard pego unpairable on the zone zone and Crook despatched his third night flight.