Move back into the underworld to curl up in front of Hades’ excellent Yule log

It’s almost the holiday season, which means that in the long tradition of the Internet, it’s time for novelty, themed Yule log videos. And this year brings an excellent new entrance: a roaring fireplace in the House of Hades, from Supergiant Games’ Hades.

The video is in sharp 4K, showing the lovely art of the game (one of our favorites this year): the fireplace is adorned with gilded skulls and sumptuous marble, while creeping pomegranates add a touch of color to the procedure. There are also the essential sounds of any good Yule log: firewood from a fireplace with the crisp, crackling sound of tree trunks. (There is one Hades spin, with murmur and echo deeper inside the house whispering right at the edge of the hearing.)

The Yule log fits perfectly with Hades itself, which is on sale for the holiday for $ 20 on the Nintendo Switch.

The new Hades video joins the long-running canon of excellent virtual fireplaces to be curled up in front, like WarnerMedia’s Eye of Sauron Yule log, Darth Vader’s slowly burning corpse, Nick Offerman’s relaxing Lagavulin Scottish session, The edge‘s own exploding gadgets from the 2016 Yule log (in memory of the Galaxy Note 7 and hoverboard fires that dominated headlines that year.)

The video is only 12 hours long, but you can always start it again (and again and again and again) until the holiday is over (or you are finally broken out of the underworld.)