Minister of Health warns that airport closure “could be a nuisance to contain the contagios” | El Salvador News

At the moment, in El Salvador there are no new restrictions apart from the prohibition of waste procedures in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

The new coronavirus virus that mainly affects the UK has raised the world-level alarms, even if it is a possible contagion. The variant of this new cepa is contagiously increasing rapidly, including the fact that various countries restrict the number of persons entering this European country.

The Minister of Health, Francisco Alabí, affirms the mood that the increase in daily contagions is due to the agglutinations that are given in different municipalities for parties, Christmas shopping and at the end of the year.

With the new spread of the virus, any person infected with the virus can spread the virus for more than 10 months, according to the minister.

Before the sanitary panorama, the official said this March during the Channel 21 television interview that “it is not stated that the public will pass by the situation in which he lives”.

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In this sense, the official advises that if the number of cases increases or there is an ingress risk of the new cepa, the airport of El Salvador “could be one of the herramentas to contain the contagios”.

“If we lograms retrieve the legacy of a new coronavirus patch in time, we can implement means to prevent the population, if at all vulnerable, if affected”, alegó el ministro.

For the moment, El Salvador has banned the entry of itineraries with full itinerary including the United Kingdom of South Africa in the last 30 days, the Gobierno announced the passing tomorrow.

Asimismo, the Gobierno salvadoreño has recommended to all salvadorños that are found in Europe and plan to enter the country in the coming weeks, accelerate its process.

“I recommend to salvadorans who are encounters in Europe and who want to regress to El Salvador in the next weeks, accelerate to the maximum their travel itineraries, as long as new restrictions are imposed on the new coronavirus virus”, sentence President Bukele.

Medidas que violan la Constitución

If we underestimate the steps that can take a new lead on COVID-19, the constitutionalist advocates’ deputies will record Nayib Bukele’s governor that the Constitution will try to impede the salvation of the Salvadorans. This is the prohibition of the Constitutional Court of the Supreme Court in September passed in a sentence.

Minister of Health: With the new cepa, every person infected can pass the virus in 10 months

The lawyers Rubén Zamora and Enrique Anaya did not hesitate to signal that President Bukele could possibly be detained outside the Salvadoran province outside Europe, as recommended by other legal sanitation mechanisms.

Article 5 states that “no expatriate may be expelled, nor shall entry into the territory of the Republic be prohibited, nor shall his passport be returned to him for further identification documents”.

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