Mike Vick says the Eagles should be around Jalen Hurts

The Jalen Hurts-Carson Wentz debate is all the rage in Philadelphia, so it’s only true that another former eagle quarterback weighs into the future of the position.

Vick, who played five seasons with the Eagles, was a guest on Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED on FS1 and gave his rating of Hurts’ performance over the last 2.5 games.

“When you look at a guy like Jalen Hurts and his skill and what he brings to the table, you automatically start thinking about the future, building around him, and how the offense can potentially develop and what you can do about it,” said Vick. “I know if I think like that, Doug Pederson has to think the same thing.”

The Eagles take it week by week with the Hurts, but the rookie comes from a show where he became the first signal call in franchise history to score 4 total touchdowns as a rookie.

Hurts gets Sunday’s matchup against Dallas and the following week against the Washington Football Team to make his case for being the Eagles’ starting quarterback going forward.

For Vick, it’s about having the right guy under the middle, and it sounds like he believes the Hurts give the Eagles the best chance of success going forward.

“You can’t win if you don’t have the right guy behind the middle,” Vick said. “Not to say that Carson was not the right guy, but it started to look like the paint was just running a little dry on the wall. Philadelphia Eagles fans probably feel like they need something new. I know that’s how they feel and they do not give you too much time out there.

You can see Vick’s comments below.