Mijares se sincera: explain why Lucero divorced and came to sleep with another couple

While singing Mijares no duel shows that his ex-husband Lucero has a couple because he considers “when he has all sorts and knows that he is happy well”, as the compartment in interview with Yordi Rosado.

For the music that has 35 career years and 31 albums, it’s a feeling that also compares Lucero to the fact that it’s clear that the relationship between the two and the fecha is good.

“Ella me quisiera ver feliz, contento, como a mí me gusta verl”.

When a couple were to be converted into one of the most mediated debates of the famous family of both vivians.

The artists pass a year of new antes to oppose matrimony in 1997 in a booth that was televised and visited by millions of its followers and in 2011 when they divorced to the surprise of their fans.

Where did Mijares and Lucero get divorced?
Ahora fue el propio Mijares quien abrió su intimadas para relata como vivió tanto su paración de pareja como el fin de la misma.

“(El matrimonio fue) muy padre muy bien, muy respetuosos. Lo que pasa es que yo creo que lo que pudo haber intervenido mucho que ella viajaba mucho yo también entonces stabosos acostumbrados a que o staba uno o eltro”, relató Mijares.

Always have a spectacular respect until the fecha. We are dealing with the same thing, dealing with the same thing and so when we separate the word ‘¿oye Lucerito not importing that I change here at the junction?’ y me terninger ‘nej, ingen es que ingen importer, te lo imploro’ “, compartió.

They are not separated from the separation
Mijares wanted to live with a lad and initiated the game into his house where he was separated so that he could have a studio where he could also be.

“As adults are great, they are entities, they live the lot, they are great, but they have no clues, they are more difficult than those who are more than we would like them to be,” he explains.

“Like no fire at any moment no grit, no gloom and like the fire that the facility of cruising the elevator to elevator really… creo yo that we hicimos well in this sense because they really do not make an aggressive move“.

Cómo surgió el amor
The song is recorded as a confession to Lucero in the series “Cassate conmigo” and in the middle of the song about the differences in age (he is 11 years old) and he is focused on his work that he is about to see.

Años después, when she is about 24 years old she is reunited y ella fue quien le daba vueltas y no le contestaba las llamadas; has been invited to grab a musical collaboration retomaron the contact only the singer is following the difficult with Mijares.

When she was invited to leave for a party and then she wanted to make contact and posteriorly initiate a relationship.