Mhoni Vidente advised: cantante of 80 or 85 years will lose the life

The famous Mhoni Vidente has launched his most recent predictions and has not seen any good news for the artistic medium, since it is sure to attract the most people for the current virus.

The Cuban who acquires enormous fame thanks to the program Sabadazo, signaled that the males notice unparalleled for the world of spectacle and first the glory of a great and true song, of 85 years of edad; if the virus precedes the virus; without embargo, no one will be the only one.

Follow the d3cesos of people very coerida in questions of the artistic atmosphere, a song of 85 years or 80 years, compartment Mhoni Vidente.

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According to the predictions of Mhoni, Mexico llorará a otros dos famosos de menor edad; but no one is able to escape from Covid-19: a singer and an actor.

Otra cantante, mexicana también, de unos 75, 80 år … Otra persona joven, de 55 år, 60, tambien skuespill, agregó la cubana.

The famous and well-known destiny that Mexico will be a friend of the Covid-19 and the population must be prepared for what can succeed at any moment.

Van a seguir los dec3sos terriblemente en el país, asi hay que estar preparat para la que pueda suceder, señaló Mhoni vidente.

Ante las maboni de Mhoni Vidente, crece la preoccupation de los seguidores de un par de famosos aunten enfrentan el Covid-19: Juan Osorio y Armando Manzanero.

If you know it by means of a communication that is true cantautor de 85 años de edad, Armando Manzanero har sido intubado af current agotamiento físico. His wife María Elena Manzanero issued a text in the name of his father and his family in the revelation that his father was intubated on the 22nd of March.

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This notice causes enormous uproar, but at one point it was commented that the famine would pity his family that complicate their health and would not allow them to be intubated; this is information that the mayor shares with the people who intubate him sobreviven and if he hacen, tienen secuelas.

Ingen hindring, la hija del compositor de Esta tarde vi elskede confesó que su padre entró con esa idé; but he was in the hospital acceding to the idea that he would be required to perform intubation; included, signal that this treatment was carried out with the consent of Armando Manzanero.

The doctors of famoso signal that their salud iba in major despu of the intubation and destacaron that in the last hours he suministrad every time minor of mechanical form, ya that the pulmones of Armando Manzanero are responding major.

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To listen to these remarks, the prediction of Mhoni Vidente new nerves account for the followers of the song, for the coincidences in the actual case against the Covid-19, his oath, and his profession. Syndembargo, Mhoni Vidente also made predictions in the past that he should follow Don Vicente Fernández, an icon of Mexican music.

Vicente Fernández is currently 80 years old and is singing, adding that the Cuban signaled that he had the risk of fighting the virus. Ate the speculation, the best to maintain the calm and hope that this is one of the predictions not completed by Mhoni Vidente.

The famous famine hailed him predictions ingen søn hechos como tal, sino søn advertencias y que el futuro es capaz de cambiarse; for we hope that this virus will not reach the world’s most talented show in Mexico.