Medicina regenerativa, Hub EsM, breakdance and racismo

Monday, 14 December 2020, 11:08

The benefits of regenerative medicine in sports (Dra. Jara Marcos), the new edition of Goles by Igualdad and the news of Hub Espaa’s Mueve, were the themes of the “Al Lmite” program of sbado. In the Tertulia del domingo, habl del breakdance, que ser olmpico in 2024, y de los episodios racistas en el party PSG – Basaksehir.

The contents of the past week, December 12, fueron:

– The professor Lpez Nombela, Pedro Calvo and Jos Vicente Delfa analyze the league league and the derby madrileo between the Genuine y el Atltico de Madrid, as the body of veterans in the parties, borgmester that the of the incorporations ms recent.

– Gerardo Cebrin, expert in athletics, comments on the big markets of Maratn and Medio Maratn de Valencia.

– Paco Abad, de Fundacin Empresa y Sociedad, habl de los Award Winner 2020, which integrates online form the first miracles on December 16th and recognizes the best cases of client-provider collaboration and business-scaleup.

– Gerardo Gonzlez, de G2O Publisport, now the second edition of “Goles por la Igualdad”, which will take place on the 26th of December and in which the participant will be deported.

Galicia has resumed deportation activity in the region and it has reached an increase of 28.5% by 2021. Interviewer Jos Ramn Lete, general secretary for the Deportation of the Xunta.

– Apart from Espaa se Mueve, Fernando Soria Hernndez, responsible for EsM projects, informs about the new incorporations in the camp “Esta Navidad regala deporte. Regala Salud”, as the first reunion of the Hub.

– Tatiana Mrquez, Madrid’s Reporter for Mueve, in front of the content of program n 220, which emits the baths by the moon in Telemadrid.

– The doctor Ana Mara Jara Marcos habl about the benefits of regenerative medicine in sports.

Tertulia Al Lmite

In the Tertulia of the Domingo, December 13, comment on the following themes:

– La IAAF acaba to suspend the Athletics World Cup in Piste Cubierta that will be celebrated in March 2021 in China and will be held in March 2023.

– The breakdance of his first steps as an Olympic discipline in the Pars 2024 Olympic Games.

The French franchisee David Rocher has been sanctioned for 18 months Unity of Tennis Integrity, after having infringed the rules of established establishments in the Anti-Corrupt Program of Tennis.

– “Racist episode” in el PSGBasaksehir. Sebastian Coltescu’s referee refuses to let Pierre Web judge “like that black guy” and is sanctioned.

– El Bara no levanta cabeza. Perdi en Champions contra la Juventus (0-3).
– El Bavariade München corre veinte kilmetros ms que el Bara por partido, siendo el Barcelona el tercero que ms corre in Espaa y el Bayern el octavo en Alemania.

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