Maykel Osorbo is one in Orishas y Gente de Zona and a new musical theme

| 23/12/2020 – 17:11 (GMT-4)

The Cuban contestant Maykel Osorbo joined the Orishas group and the duo Gente de Zona on a new musical theme, as a gesture of solidarity between the musicians in the midst of the performances that have been living in Cuba for the last few days. successes of the San Isidro Movement.

The activist Esteban Rodríguez, who was present at the grab next to Maykel Osorbo in La Habana, confirmed to CiberCuba that the artists will perform in public a featuring the song “Ojalá Pase”, a version of Orishas of the theme “Ojalá”, from the song Cuban Silvio Rodríguez.

Esteban Rodríguez shared a photo with Maykel Osorbo and Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara, from the studios where the rapper was grabbed.

Although there is no official release date for the theme, I think it is listed for the next month.

At the beginning of this year, Orishas and the Spanish singer Beatriz Luengo train the theme “Ojalá pase”, in which a cambio in the Isla is piled up and the decadence of the country during the “60 years that the lord has moved” is announced.

“This is my form of deceit / Llora mi pueblo y siento yo su voz / Tu 59 y yo doble 2 (2020) / 60 años trancado el domino”, terning la versión que le hicieron al tema del trovador cubano.

Ingen hindring, “Ojalá pase” raises a great controversy, hasta dot on that topic fue retreated from all the platforms although Silvio Rodríguez said he did not authorize Orishas to use his song and various Cuban state media to accuse the “opportunistic vandalism” group.

“What do I think is this flagrant vulnerability of my rights as the author of Ojalá, what notary from 50 years ago? I have a lamentable act of parasitism”, dijo Silvio Rodríguez for the use of the strip of his song.

The successes of the San Isidro Movement – even though Maykel Osorbo belonged and had a hamburger and sed on the freedom of the rapper Denis Solís and on the lack of freedom in Cuba – he despised the solidarity and empathy of many , including women at any given moment preferring not to get involved in political issues related to Cuba.

One of the que supported the Movement by the singer Yotuel Romero, integrative of Orishas: “I have nothing more to do with the #MovimientoSanIsidro emotion and feeling organ. Because this is a loophole of all and because culture has a fundamental piece in the great political and social changes, ”he said.

Also the official page of Orishas shared a video of the day in which the Cuban police, medical suits, disarticular on movement, and the hashtag accompaniment like #todossomossanisidro #ojalápase #amamecomosoyyo or #cubanosefuedemi.

For its part, the duo Gente de Zona dijo sentir respect and admiration by the San Isidro Movement: “We would like to express that we feel an incredible respect and admiration for your countrymen!”, aseguraron.

Inklusiv Silvio Rodríguez will return to the dialogue with the Cuban artists on November 27 by the Minister of Culture, Alpidio Alonso.

“From the impression that there is an agrarian of what is going on to suspend the dialogue, to quit the coming”, opinion on his blog Second Quote.

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