Mari Carmen Aponte: To have clear explanations with administration Biden requires “cambios that we have not seen” og Bukele gestión | El Salvador News

The executor together with a Democrat ex-legislator will be reinstated in the relationship he has maintained with the Donald Trump governing body and details on how Bukele should work with the new state administration.

Although the United States Secretary of State for El Salvador, Mari Carmen Aponte, considered the search between the governor of Nayib Bukele and Donald Trump not affecting the mandate of the Central American country when the new administration of Joe Bidenbe, as well as give examples of changes in various aspects such as the fight against corruption, as well as the respect of institutionalism and the state of law.

“It is a question of analyzing how Bukele reacts to the issues that are important within democracy for the United States and the cause of corruption.”, subscribed to this March, during the interview with the Republican of Channel 33, in which she participated in a video with the Democratic State Attorney of the State of Maryland, Ana Sol Gutiérrez.

A criterion of diplomacy, “I hope that clear accounts between the Biden and Bukele administration will work, but this requires changes that we have not seen in President Bukele’s administration”, stories like “Tolerance in the face of corruption, institutionalism, the darling of the value appropriated by the law, respecting the state of law as an integral part of the form of government in El Salvador”.

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Superintendent Sol Gutiérrez, for his part, questioned Bukele’s actions over the work of current President Donald Trump.

“I believe that President Bukele’s admiration is so strong that this is how he blamed President Trump and did everything he could to prevent him from respecting human rights.”, express.

It was added that “the history we have demonstrated that Biden is committed to respecting human rights and its international politics is based on the fact that the American people have always suffered and demanded that the countries and the governors follow the road.” “The institutionalization of democracy and that it has much more access and support to democracy, because it has much to do with the inner workings of the Bukele presidency,” the executor said.

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During his intervention, the exponent agreed that “The new governing body (Biden) has the power to direct and regenerate Latin American countries while democracy is not respected”.

Posture que fue secundada af Aponte al comentar que “President Biden is paying close attention and giving consistent messages about the lack of tolerance for corruption.”

Ambassadors of the United States will be refereed, in addition, to the projections of the elective governor of the north and the foreign policy that will go with El Salvador.

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