Marathon breaks the Olympics’ victory in the Aperture and gets a good wind for the group final! – Diez

Category Triumph and huele to the final. Marathon agravó la racha negativa de Olimpia tras win the merengues with an impressive 3-1 in the idea game of the group finals of
Torneo Apertura 2020.

In a game that was fiercely increasing in emotions and increasing its level, Monstruo had a good sale of the car that will take place on Sunday, December 27th at the National Stadium, starting at 6:00 p.m.

In addition to the attractive training between the two best teams of the competition, another of the duels will be in the bench, yes Hector Vargas y Pedro Troglio sostuvieron a shock of favorable statistics to timonel merengue that has not been eroded by the technics green.

However, the Vargas’ plan is a positive result in logging the Troglio’s display of more opportunities, to obtain the first victory before his homologue and pass the Olympic victory in the tournament.


There are two different marathons available to prepare the strategy for the Olympics, as well as the participation in the Concacaf Champions League The permission of Héctor Vargas came up with a plan to counter the capitalist power.

Y así fue. Since the start of the party, he has been marching for a long time, the joint emerald has dominated the field and the next mayor will have an Olympics that will be disappointed and will not be found in the race.

The salute of Héctor Vargas and Pedro Troglio in the national classic

The first approximation to the local places at the last minute. Marathon was at the point of opening the marker in the middle of Bruno Volpi, which has been repaired by Cabeza down below a Luis Vega center and on the Harold Fonseca line.

Six minutes later, at the age of 15, Kervin Arriaga’s turn came as he set off a free-kick shot to his head as he deviated from the Olympic ark.

As of this moment, it is clear that the Leones were balancing the balance without giving up on the green fairy tale, the classic empresses in friction in a great way and it is said that the level of play decreases, with which the first meeting ends .

In addition to continuing the dynamic mix of many teams’ team failures, Pero Olympia opened the scoring with a hat-trick of Jonathan Paz for the loss of Denovan Torres. Transcurría el minuto 53.

Al 60 llegó el invitado specielt. Bruno Volpi commands the pelota to guard while receiving a Marlon Ramírez assist inside the rival area; the Argentine rematch and the ball was deflected off Deybi Flores’ pier to establish the first goal of the compromise.

Gol.3099 (1024x768)

The emerald aluvión dejo caer todo su peso en cuestro minuute, siendo Edwin Solano quien extendiere la ventaja al 64, tras un rebote given by elkerue merengue luego de unan grata ataada un een remate de cabeza de Kervin Arriaga.

For Olympia, he predicts the end, and the football that he played during the Aperture was not demonstrated and was clearly superior to Marathon.

Failure of five minutes to complete the regular time,
Eddie Hernández, who replaced Yustin Arboleda, mandated to save the pelota with a cabbage through a drawstring.

Pero faltaba más. At minute 89, Marathón madrugó on the defense of Olimpia in a free shoot from Arriaga, this is a message to Yaudel Lahera that remató and the balloon was deflected by a melenudo defense; he rebuked Bryan Johnson’s quadrant, which tore into a 3-1 final volley.

In this way, Marathon consecrated its undecided victory over Olympics over Yankel Rosenthal, giving it a 14-match victory in the National League and bastardizing an empathy over a goal to secure the Aperture 2020 final.

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This is how Marathon’s football player, Bryan Johnson, defined the third annotation. Photo: Neptali Romero.


Marathon: 25. Denovan Torres; 6. John Paul Suazo, 29. Bryan Johnson, 33. Kervin Arriaga, 65. Luis Vega; 8. Luis Garrido, 16. Allan Banegas, 30. Edwin Solano, 13. Marlon Ramírez; 67. Axel Motiño, 20. Bruno Volpi. DT. Hector Vargas.

Cambios: Ryduan Palermo by Bruno Volpi, minute 68. Yaudel Lahera by Axel Motiño, minute 73. Carlos Perdomo by John Paul Suazo, minute 84. Cristian Moreira by Edwin solano, minute 84.

Holes: Bruno Volpi, minute 60. Edwin Solano, minute 64. Bryan Johnson, minute 89.

Amarilla cards: Kervin Arriaga, minute 74. John Paul Suazo, minute 84.

Red cards: No hubo.

Here is the minute by minute of the encounter

Olimpia: 22. Harold Fonseca; 2. Maylor Núñez, 17. Jonathan Paz, 3. Elvin Casildo, 25. Javier Portillo; 20. Deybi Flores, 32.Carlos Pineda, 15. Edwin Rodríguez, 31. Marvin Bernárdez; 27. Jerry Bengtson, 19. Yustin Arboleda. DT: Pedro Troglio.

Cambios: Eddie Hernández by Yustin Arboleda, minute 64. José Pinto by Marvin Bernárdez, minute 64. Alejandro Reyes by Jerry Bengtson, minute 77. Jorge Álvarez by Carlos Pineda, minute 77. Matías Garrido by Edwin Rodríguez, minute 86.

Holes: Eddie Hernández, minute 85.

Amarilla cards: Elvin Casildo, minute 46. Deybi Flores, minute 55. Maylor Núñez, minute 66. Edwin Rodríguez, minute 71. Jonathan Paz, minute 76.

Red cards: No hubo.

Árbitro: Héctor Rodríguez.

Stadium: Yankel Rosenthal.