Maradona’s autopsy reveals that neither alcohol nor drugs were consumed before his death | People

The autopsy carried out in Maradona has revealed that the Argentine did not consume alcohol or illegal drugs until his death on November 25 by a cardio respirator. The toxicological information is available, as well as the presence of various medicines to treat your physical and mental health, as he informed legal sources on the night of March. San Fiscalía General de San Isidro, encargada de la causa que busca determinar si hubo algún typo de mala practice then to the health of the Argentine idol, a communion was passed through the toxicological and histopathological studies of the corpse.

The sample of analyzed and registered blood in the legal chemical information signal that in the body of The 10 have the presence of levetiracetam, a contraceptive drug, and desmetilvenlafaxina, an antidepressant. In the urine, too, other antidepressants and antipsychotics are detected, such as venlafaxine and quetiapine, as well as other drugs for drug or alcohol dependence. In another analysis, we also found the presence of ranitidina, used to treat stomach problems. Microscopic studies indicate that the Argentine astro has a “myocardial fibrosis” and “myocardial ischemia areas” in the heart; en el hígado, un “sandsligen cuadro ciradótico”; in the pulmonary, “rotor of alveolar septum” and a “focal with intraalveolar edema”; y en el riñón, una “necrose tubular aguda”. The autopsy determined that the execution of the Argentine team, world champion in Mexico 86, had the consequence of a “secondary edema of secondary pulmonary artery cardiac insufficiency” and its discovery in a coronary heart disease.

The hallucination of antidepressants is not casual, as only the results of the Maradona entrance, the state of the Argentine commences to appear in the last days. “Estaba deprimido, sin ganas”, coinciding las fuentes. Tenia episodes of mental confusion. Hubo jornadas en las que exfutbolista casi no salió de su habitación. Apenas comía. Ingen chastis chistes, dormía buena parte del día por la medicacion que recibía y se negaba a recibes las visits de algunos familiaris.

Maradona failed 60 years ago at the home of the province of Buenos Aires in which he recovered from an operation by a cerebral hematoma performed on November principles, among other cases, and the failure to initiate an investigation into treatment. Between the 11th of November, I have received the high of the clinic and have entered what was then a domestic domicile, and on the 25th of November that murió, Maradona agreed with the 24 hours of the day. The opening of the night shift is controlled by the sixes of the 25-year-old man, when it ends its work shift, which the ex-football player takes a deep breath. The other sanitation team made its first statement before the court, stating that the court had ordered the delivery to Maradona in the morning to the media. The ex-footballer and coach, according to the justice, will have to wait for a cardiac failure that will cause an edema of pulmonary edema.

After his death, the Judiciary initiated an investigation that has now been formally prosecuted and detained, although he has carried out various registrations and encumbrances and properties of the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque, a faculty member of 39 years who decided in 2018 to The last surgery was performed by the ex-football player, and his psychiatrist, Agustina Cosachov. También also registered the apartment where Maximiliano Trimarchi lives, who works as a driver of the ex-football player and is on his mobile phone. The tax authorities will now analyze the drugs that were found to be convenient for a patient with a chronic cardiopulmonary disease such as that which Maradona suffers from or has a disease practice.