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When life is imitated in fiction. In addition, many do not hesitate to compare with the movie 50 first dates, protagonist of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, the comedy story Camre Curto opens a slide for the other most important passages of his vida, like the 10 years of matrimony with his spouse, his own possessions and including that he had a heifer, although he gave birth to a few weeks ago, he survived for more than one; sin embargo, the noble tarea to what is abocó Steve, his companion of life, to help arm the rompecabezas that is his step for that junta can enjoy his present as of his future and dignity of being shared, convey in social speeches . This is it history.

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The 31-year-old woman from Fenton, Michigan, United States suffered a convulsion and a cerebral palsy in week 33 of her embarrassment, according to ABC News. To despair, there was a rodade of downtrodden people. I do not recognize them, nor record them as living together with them.

This time passes and it initiates a difficult recovery process in the case of its parents, while working with therapists to treat the cause caused by hemispheres in their brain.

The progress was made by Steve, his wife, who is worried that Camre will have to be taken care of; sin embargo, ocurrió algo que lo tomaría por surpresa.

“We are sent to the room and I say ‘I do not know who you are, but I love you’ ‘, account the man. In addition, Steve er sabía that debía hacer algo para recuperar a su esposa. For that matter, I wrote a book titled “But I Know I Love You” (but if you love it), and donde related his love story with so much detail that Camre can record how his relationship originated and where he spent time .

Photo: Steve Curto
Photo: Steve Curto

Thanks to the efforts of all his family and to Steve’s gesture, that if he went viral, the woman would be able to recover his records little by little. The most important: now recoil to his wife and his wife, little Gavin.

“When I was with my husband and I was with him, I was forced to pass for everything. Every time I see Steve and Gavin, there is a huge sound in my car and in my interior. The love of my family is what I import and what I allow to pass the days ”, dijo por su parte Camre.