Los Sussex poses for its first postal service from California

One year of the so-called Megxit, agreed with the que Meghan Markle y el Harry Principe decidieron vivir fuera de Reino Unidos, los Duques de Sussex comienzan a crear sus primeros recuerdos fuera de la Corona Británica. As part of his new life in California, it’s late, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and his little brother Archie posing for his conversion first postal Navideña in the United States. How to hope, is an image, a touch of originality that characterizes the family, can be published in illustration mode, an effect with which the powder protects the identity of the little Archie who celebrated his first compliments, in Mayo pasade, made sure that the family celebrated with a video that was published by the ONG, Save the kids de Gran Bretaña, donde se ve al pequeño disfrutando de su libro favorit Pato! Hello!, is audiovisual material is used to benefit children in a vulnerable situation due to the pandemic.



In full vispera de Navidad, los Sussex quisieron give a visit to the tree that decorates your house. How to deal with the video clip of the first year of his marriage, for the first postal service, the matrimony also elicited a cause, for which it was published in the official profile of the charity Mayhew, where various details of this family retreat were given: maravillosos deseos navideños de nuestra patrocinadora, la Duquesa de Sussex. El Duque y la Duquesa also hicieron una donaa personaL, ayudándonos a seguir appoyando a perros, gatos y personas de nuestra communit, este invierno, y más alla. From all of Mayhew’s nosotros, two and four paths, graces and happy Christmas! ”, Is read as a description of the postal.


On the card, Meghan, 39 years old, lució a white shirt and jeans; mientras que el Prince Harry also used one see casual that I wear with jeans and an informal shirt. As if the hubiera family wanted to appear uniformed in the post office, we look forward Archie dress in a similar way: jeans and a blue navy suit. In the photo, appears Meghan sent to the rescue of Archie’s toy house, while Harry appeared, in chocolates, in the yard, from the subject, with the men, to the little one who is launching a great sonrisa to his mother. In this instant also appears the mascots of the family, in addition to the tree that, it is known, were adorned with the taste of little Archie.

About the postal navideña aggregate the phrase: “I wish you a very happy Christmas and a hopeful New Year”. The portavoz of the family dio to know that the image was captured in the principles of this month by Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mother, this was also a time when she knew how to do the decorative process at home and what to do with the pain that adorn her garden from California: “The little year of Christmas, including the adorned barracks and other decorations made by Archie and the year, will be replanted after the holidays”.

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How much has Archie gone!

Sin duda, quien acaparó todas las miradas en esta post fue el pequeño Archie although, debited to the format in which the image was edited, it is not appreciated, has been evident since the crime of Mayo passed, when appearing publicly in the clip of his first year, when he was a baby. Ahora, Archie looks like a big, pony ending and enjoying what will be his first Navidad in United States, pais que convertió en su hogar, luego que que padre decidieron dejar Reino Unido y comenzar a write a new story in another continent, a few miles from the place where he lives the “sí quiero”.