Los Montaner: “Nunca hemos estado tan vulnerbare como en la canción” Amén “

Ricardo Montaner, his husbands Mau, Ricky and Eva Luna and his son Camilo, published these poems on their first song in conjunction, “Amén”, a theme in which, as he assured in an interview with Efe, he showed a lad that “we have expelled ”.

The song, composed by the five, is a nuisance in that the integrants of this family of musicians share their most internal themes, their deepest desperation, their most cherished anguish, their thirst.

“Nunca hemos estado tan vulnerables”, dijo Mau Montaner, el menor de los hijos varones de Ricardo Montaner, quien aprobó el commentario, como lo hicieron los hermanos y el cuñado.

The song, a kind of musical oration supported by violins and in which the mantras of the theme (“Amén” and “Cuida de mí”) are sung, show the huellas of all those who collaborate.

At the moment we listen to the great ballads of Montaner, by others to the reguepop of Mau and Ricky, as well as to the urban bohemian of Camilo, and also reflect the dulzura of the melodies of Eva Luna. The matriarch, Marlene Montaner, was the director of the video.

Montaner papa explained that the idea to make the theme is the cut in the finals of 2019.

“The people always ask us that we always have all the right things and that we have a song that we can lose at the right time, that we do not have one that can be fashioned and a month and a half”, he said.

The meta fue hacer “a hymn” that has not been stolen until a moment in particular. For that matter, even if I have to decide, I hope so.

“We do not believe that we are associated exclusively with the pandemic, but as we are alarmed and aware of the fact that many people are thinking that they are missing now,” Ricky indicates.

Among all the participants in the song, there are 100 million in total in the social networks.

Sobresale Camilo, the Latin artist with more followers on TikTok, and that has 54 million followers on his social network, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

His wife, who is the protagonist of the Nickelodeon “Club 57” series, and her husband, with excitments such as “Papas”, “Desconocidos”, “La Grosera” and “La Boca”, have about 20 million followers.

“People also tell us that our life is pink. With this theme we also want to know that we also have our difficult moments. In “Amen” we will describe and express our relationship with God “, manifests Camilo.

Los Montaner passes his Navidades in a cabin of the north of the state of New York, roads and lanes of the tropical noise of Miami, porque, explicaron, necesitaban “recharge pilas (batteries)”.

Montaner and Camilo will be completing their upcoming discs and will be dedicated to promo releases in 2021, while Eva Luna will be performing and composing her new music. Mau and Ricky are reluctant to regress “with sanitary safety” to the scenarios and no one describes the birth of a baby for the next year.