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‘Piojo’ Herrera reconnaissance that the surprise of the abrupt departure of the Eagles and the hecho that no contact with the team of the team

MEXICO – Miguel Herrera cancels the silence over 48 hours of the high television mandates tomaran the decision of Caesarlo of Club America.

In a charla extension with ESPN, the former coach of the Eagles recognizes that some of the most extravagant situations in the club’s owner, Emilio Azcárraga, and his director of the Football Committee, Joaquín Balcárcel, have taken the decision of despair, but at the same time in the middle of the semi-final of the Competitors against the LAFC there was an apology to shorten the process.

“I understand that this was a pretext, I could not say that it was extra because it was sincere because the Sabbath did not pass absolutely nothing; he was talking to the technician of them (Bob Bradley) when the auxiliary (Ante Razov) was acting, also gritaba no sé tantas cosas y le dije ‘calma, yo voy a calmar a la gente’. I’ve been very quiet, I’m calming down to my people, I’m living with the people and I’m jealous of the game and I’m taking control of something, but I’m not reacting, I’ve not able to equip ‘. “For the most part, I’m overwhelmed and the huberie can have a bump or a very high hub, but there are so many decisions that he makes in two seconds, we’re going to be able to go back to the channel to inform me that I’m expelled, ‘he explained.’ Piojo ‘in interview by videollamada.

“(Razov) I would like to have the money to pay attention and I will pick up the ojo to the final account, reitero, yo me fui al vestidor conciente de lo que teníamos que hacer in the party to treat the object that is to follow please mark and approve this male more than teníamos, entonces me because he search for this situation is a pretext, because in the final of accounts soy asi: soy pasional, no voy a cambiar de la noche a la mañana y no voy a cambiar because it reflects my teams, the passion and the determination that you always showed ”.

Syndembargo, el mismo Herrera admits that on occasions she has more control over her temperament.

“When it comes to being measured, yes, and it’s between pusieron eso and algunos lo agarran, son las circunstancias que pasan. Yo me quedo con el agradecimiento le le tengo a esta institution, con el cariño que me dieron todos, from the first day that aterricé (in America) to the finals of 2011 has been as high as the finals of 2020, until the time that passed during this club, me quedo con ese cariño, esa determination that me dio la gente y me exigió la gente, of the club and the aficionado, entonces no me quedo more than agradecido and buscar work and make it more possible to give me projects me lleven ”.

The 52-year-old strategist admits that in his career the extravagant situations he cared for, as well as leading the Mexican Selection in 2015 through an altercation with the communicator Christian Martinoli, or with America, always paid off.

Yes, there are things that he hecho that is obviously doomed to in my work, if anything after the 2015, no doubt his remarks that one has to reflect, at the end of counting eres the leader of a team and teenagers who demonstrate something, when they are in the teenage institution that is a measured and thoughtful person, but in weeks to go the calendar, in days to go the desire to do the best possible, but also soy pasional, y si no soya pasional, no soy yo ”, express.

The one-off event of 2015 (like DT del Tri), which had a significant personal arrest warrant and that exploded in my closet, had never been a golfer in any situation, never a zafarranchos. Dimes and rights, concentration losses, sí; haber insultado a un árbitro (Marco Antonio Ortiz) cuando iba saliendo del estadio, que además lo dije de tonto a los medios que me preguntaban cuando yo me tenía que haber seguido, y esas son las calenturas que a uno de repente lo llegan in perjudicar ”, aggregate.

“Pero de todas y cada una de ellas he pagado mis consecncias, tampoco se han quedado en deuda, no pueden decir ‘ah, se lo perdonaron’, ¡a mí nunca me han perdonado nada!, Me han cobrado mis deudas, esas tonterías that yo he hecho las he pagado, no stoy en deuda, en ningún moment me dieron una segunda oportunidad, todas fueron fuerones y fueron pagadas, con multas o con est circunstancias de quedarse sin trabajo por buscar ese pretexto, entonces desafortunado mié carr thinking that it’s much more measured, thinking about what the team needs inside the box and that it does not need a leader that is needed so ”.