Live up to the Upnfm and play in the semifinals of the Aperture ante Olympia! – Diez

Welcome to Vida-Upnfm minute by minute!


Min ’90 Vida humilla 5-1 a la Upn advancement semifinal de Liga Nacional ante Olimpia, 8-2 fue el global.

Min 81 ‘ Cambio in the game; Emerson Suazo, head of “Pungui” Suazo, who made his debut in Luis Palma’s place. He was married to Carlos Róchez.

Min 68 ‘ Alexander Aguilar cobra penal and Jordy Castro are on the move. Cambios en el Vida; Samuel Elvir of Kilmar Peña and Ederson Funez of Alexander Aguilar.

Min 64 ‘¡Gooooooooooooool de Vida! Luis Palma started with las 16:50 and replaced derecha for the founder el 5-1. Cambios en el Vida; sale Jonathan Mazzola and ingresa Roger Sanders and Jeffri Flores by Denis Meléndez.

Alexander Aguilar and Luis Palma he sido las figuras del Vida. Photo: Edgar Witty.

Min 53 ‘¡Gooooooooooooool de Vida! Alexander Aguilar deals with the red, at the moment we ask him if he enters or not, during the rehearsal he observes that he is ingrained and out of force.

18:19: Start the second time in La Ceiba and get out of bed; Jairo Rochez of Sendel Cruz en Upnfm and Carlos Argueta of Luis Meléndez en el Vida.

Min 45 ‘ The first time in La Ceiba, Vida was 3-1 with goals from Luis Palma, Alexander Aguilar and Wisdon Quaye.

Min 43 ‘¡Gooooooooooooool de Vida! Wisdon Quaye con derechazo dentro de las 16:50 pone el 3-1.

Min 39 ‘¡Gooooooooooooool de Upnfm! Víctor Moncada descends with the banner of a free shoot.

The Upn descended with a gala by Víctor Moncada. Photo: Edgar Witty.

Min 34 ‘¡Gooooooooooooool del Vida! The celibates vuelven aprovechar an error in salida and Alexander Aguilar with the zurda pone the second.

Min 27 ‘ Nueva amarilla para el defensa Lesvin Medina og la Upnfm se queda med 10 jugadores.

Min 19 ‘¡Gooooooooooooool del Vida! Luis Palma made a mistake and defended with a double right on Jordy Castro. Se sacó amarilla para Ronald Montoya en la Upnfm.

Luis Palma opened the car to Vida. Photo: Edgar Witty

Min 10 ‘ Vida is who manages the pelota more in this genius of duel, the Upn aguanta against it.

Min 3 ‘ First cardamom card in the game and is for Carlos Meléndez together with Jonathan Mazzola del Vida.

17:16: Start the game of La Ceiba, Upn need to convert goals into this game.

17:05: Jordy Castro, Lesvin Medina, Eduard Reyes, Carlos Róchez, Víctor Moncada, Leonardo Bodden, Ronald Montoya, Enrique Vásquez, Luis Argeñal, Kilmar Peña og Sendel Cruz,

17:00: 11 titular part Vida ante Upnfm; José Mendoza, Carlos Meléndez, José Colón, Jonathan Mazzola, Luis Palma, Denis Meléndez, Carlos Argueta, José Escalante, Alexander Aguilar, Wisdon Quaye and Carlos Sánchez.


Hoy will be joined by another semi-finalist of the tournament Apertura of Honduran football. El Vida choca hoy ante los Loboer de la UPNFM (17:15) by La Ceiba.

The meeting led by Nerlin Membreño led to an important sale, the 3-1 tie followed last week at the Tegucigalpa National Stadium.

Vida apunta a meterse in the semifinal of the National League, although no one can trust them Loboer de la UPN, pues son un rival muy complicado que dara la pelea hasta el final.

He mentions that the winner of this event will be the Pedro Troglio Olympics in the semis.

Hoy todas las miradas estarán puestas en Luis Palma, delantero del Vida which figure in the idea thanks to its triplet. I intend to repeat this big night.

Sun 11 goals los que suma Luis Palma en National League y fue su primer hat-trick como professionel. Hope you can find this great game that is available at Tegucigalpa. Asimismo, subrayar that the Vida puso fin to a negative racha of 10 parties without power gain to the UPNFM da Liga.

On the other hand, Motagua, which also has a repeat dispute, is classified in the semifinals and will be promoted to the Héctor Vargas Marathon, in which it will appear as a final advancement.