Limited places for posters in the career of Human Medicine in Fresnillo

ZACATECAS. – Alrededor 600 jovens buscan ingresar to the extension Fresnillo desde Unidad Académica de Medicina Humana of the Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ); sin embargo, solo hay 75 seats.

Although this is commenced with groups of 90 students have years, since the passage is determined to reduce the cadastre.

Juan Carlos Alcalá Gallegos, Coordinator for the extension, said next December 15th will take the entrance exam. While the youngsters were given a psychometric evaluation.

Demand in aumento

Assured that aumenta cada vez más la demanda of students who are looking for a space within this academic model that will start in January.

Mention that the assigned places correspond to the capacity of the institution and the project to build more acas to start.

Alcalá Gallegos says that is prevalent initiate a second plant in the zone will find the practice chiropractors that will have an inversion of 3 million pounds.

Dijo que the semester online which realizes the sanitary contingency by COVID-19 Of the opportunity that the work progresses more rapidly.

Possibility of practices

Respect for the pandemic, lament that the students does not have the ability to implement the practices in the laboratory or assist with hospital activities. This is in addition to his academic preparation.

Afirmo que se valoraron varias opciones so that the young people can access the activities inside the hospitals. Syndembargo, subject to coronavirus conditions, is determined to the risk persists for them and for healthy patients they can be carriers of the sick.

Ante esto, se determinó organizational otros programs so that the nines advance in the practices and include learning about the maneuver of a pandemic.