Let this eerily accurate AI thump on your Spotify habits

Bot asks you to sign in with your Spotify account. It does not promise to post or change anything – it is only hungry for your listening information. Once it has addressed your listening habits and asks a few snarky questions, it spits a series of mean, nervously accurate shocks at your taste in music.

Bot told a member of the Engadget team (who remains anonymous) that “your Spotify was please-read-my-script-60-dollar-white-t-shirt-local-conversation-radio-bumper-sticker-bitch bad. ” It informed another that their listening activity was “kombucha-brewing-too-much-emotion-BTS-is-great-please-not-ddos-us bad.” Ouch.

It shows a number of statistics including one that indicates how basic you are. Although your musical tastes largely fall outside the mainstream, AI can say “There’s a reason no one listens to the same things as you.” Thank you, bot. Instead of just telling you which songs you have often played again, it will mean that “you are listening too much to these tracks.” It may mark an artist you have often listened to and ask if you are feeling well.

Before you start staring at your shoes and considering the choices you made that led to these insults, remember that AI is just a little fun. That, or it’s a stupid jerk that just does not get you.