Kushner bails on Trump’s mission to ruin the 2020 election

As President Donald Trump tries to cancel the 2020 election, forgiving the perpetrators of one of the most notorious atrocities of the Iraq war and throwing a key at the last minute in state funding and COVID emergency legislation, his most trusted adviser has been half a world away .

Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and senior White House aide, has spent considerable time after the election abroad, including advocating for the work he has done in the Middle East. He has planted an olive tree in the Jerusalem Groves of Nations, elbow-bumped with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu, and took the first direct flight between Morocco and Israel after orchestrating a formal detente between the two nations – a detente smeared with arms sales and a de facto permit for territorial annexation of Palestinian land.

The trip has been festive. On Monday, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman announced that the courtyard in front of the US Embassy in Jerusalem would be named in Kushner’s honor. But it also struck individuals at home as wild, almost comical, poorly timed; and they suppose, deliberately. After all, Jared has a habit of getting out of the way in the most problematic moments, and few times are as problematic as the present one.

“This is exactly what Jared is doing,” said a senior Trump aide.