Know the benefits of getting rid of DimeCuba

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Users have access to economical rates and different promotions

Know the benefits of getting rid of DimeCuba

Approve the rates and promotions of DimeCuba (Photo: Periódico Cubano)

Ante the goal of mantener communicated to the Cubans between the Island and the foreigner, DimeCuba offers the best options for telephone charging station to the Island with economical rates and access to various promotions.

Recharge with DimeCuba

The company allows its users to send as balance any amount of money spent on their site o llamando al número 7864082088.

Other options are the Recarguita platform and its applications for iOS and Android, in addition to its offices located in Hialeah, Tampa, Miami, West Palm Beach, Montevideo, Uruguay, and Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Además, among the sales that DimeCuba has its users find access to the periods of Especial Cubacel with minutes, SMS or Bono Cubacel Gratis or also the double loading hope in Cuba.

For example, with DimeCuba you can access the current Cubacel promotion which consists of a bonus of 30 CUC prior to the realization of a charge of 20 CUC from the extranjero.

The bonus can be used for national and international text messages and messages, only it is not available for the mobile and mobile internet service.

To send resumes from Dimecuba’s services, there are great opportunities to win money and access promotions.

Calling and messaging services

The company also offers the service of telephone calls at the most expensive price that can be found in the market and with a guaranteed quality.

For these you can enter the web page mentioned where you will find the different plans available for this service.

DimeCuba also has attractive and beneficial options for people who prefer to communicate with their families and friends in the Isla through the Text Message.