Kirk Cameron rails against ‘Mask Gestapo’ on Newsmax after holding mask-free Caroling protests

After hosting the second of two maskless Christmas carol events to protest COVID-19 restrictions in Southern California this week, former child actor Kirk Cameron appeared on Newsmax on Wednesday night, branding those who have dared to criticize his actions as “the mask of the Gestapo. ”

Starting with a kind of joke, Cameron said, “You know, we’re all heard of The masked singer and it’s quite angry, but ever since we started these Christmas-sunny peaceful protests, I’ve been lovingly called the masked singer and unleashed a whole different kind of anger. ”

After complaining that the news of the coronavirus pandemic, which has led to near-capacity ICUs in Los Angeles Country and other parts of the state, has become “so grim and so dark,” Cameron said he was just trying to give people “hope” Through Christmas songs.

“You obviously have a lot of followers, a lot of people like what you do,” the Newsmax anchor said. “But to be fair, you have a lot of your own fans, and a lot of people say that you help spread the disease and that you make things worse. How do you react to them? ”

Cameron accused the “press” of “painting a picture of what we do that does not match what is actually happening.”

“I’m no Dr. Fauci, I’m no health expert, so I consult doctors,” he continued, pointing to the theory that “psychological damage” from the pandemic can be “far worse than the coronavirus itself” and that “there is immunity in society, and destruction is isolated. “

“I am not the masked police,” he declared. “This is America. We should not have a masked gestapo and a distance monitor when people are grown adults, they are not babies. ”

“They can make choices for their own health,” added Cameron, who describes himself as a proud “pro-life” when it comes to other medical choices, ignoring the potential of the “adult adults” to spread the disease to their neighbors. who have made different choices.