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Arriaza Chicas brought criminal prosecution for the crime of non-compliance. The Fiscalia said that this resolution was due to procedural errors by the Assembly during the founding period of April in order to compare the Ministry of Health.

The judge of the San Salvador Peace Quintet will definitely sue the director of the Police, Mauricio Arriaza Chicas, for the penalty of negligence imposed by any criminal prosecution.

It was argued that the order was issued by the Legislative Assembly in April at the Hacienda Minister’s caricature of factual and legal arguments.

After receiving the resolution, the Tax Office considered that assembly errors had been committed in this case. “If the Legislative Assembly is founded on different forms in April, it will certainly make the decision different, because the Director of the Police will be bound by the Constitution,” the tax law said.

LEE TAMBIÉN: Director of Police, Arriaza Chicas, introduces his second judicial process

Además, tras sobreseer a Arriaza Chicas, el juez también lo reprendió. “Usted debe someterse al gobierno de las leyes, no de los hombres. Ingen vale un tuit, ingen vale una llamada. We will not live in a monarchy, you will have to spend some time in the army, ”the police director said.

Arriaza was penalized by the Fiscalia for the crime of incomplete deberes lie of failing to present a commission of the Legislative Assembly to the Minister of Hacienda, Alejandro Zelaya, in order to repeal the accounts on the 19th of the year.

The Commission appointed the director of the PNC, who was appointed by the Minister of Education to compare; sin embargo Arriaza tampoco acató la orden por lo que fue prosade. The commission is investigating the collocation and destination of Latvian funds, bonuses and demos titled values ​​emitted by the Governor of El Salvador, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Following the Fiscalía, Arriaza Chicas apologizes for completing the order of delivery to Zelaya, adding that the use of the public force is based on the principle of “ultimate ratio”, which limits the ownership of front power to fundamental rights and what based on the reasons given by Zelaya, as the director of the police corporation determined that the Minister of Health had a justification for not assisting the citationers.

On the other hand, Arriaza Chicas’ lawyers argued that the Assembly’s order was not legally valid for the director of police to be fired by Minister Zelaya.

Assemblea approves destination of Arriaza Chicas by the 9F

Parallel to the judicial process enforced by non-compliance, the Legislative Assembly recently issued a statement notifying the diplomatic corps accredited in the country about the Taxation of Arriaza Chicas as Director of the Police.

TAMBIÉN: Assamblea notifia a la Fiscalía destitución de Arriaza Chicas

The document was issued by the Special Commission investigating the antecedents, during and after the militarization of the Legislative Assembly, on 9 February.

The deputies approved the passage on December 17 with 58 votes, 10 against and three abstentions the winning decision of the Director of Police, Mauricio Arriaza Chicas, for “grave violations of human rights” by the successful parties on 9 February. Ingen hindring, President Bukele affirmó that no acataría dicha orden.