José Siri concretizes the firm with los Astros and a contrato de Ligas Menores

The Dominican Garden José Siri concretó su Business with them Astros of Houston for the 2021 season Grand Leagues (MLB).

Siri look for a new opportunity in the baseball of las Grand Leagues. This time, with them Astros of Houston who agreed with the Dominican patrol 25 years ago.

According to Mark Berman MLB, José Siri will be invited to Spring Training de los Astros looking for a puesto on the roster of Grand Leagues of the texan team.

The announcement of the Business the José Siri lo hizo el Gerente General de los Astros, a team of gardeners for the 2021 saffron Grand Leagues.

Siri does not appear in any official game of the MLB from 2020. Syndembargo, viene de jugar en la Liga Dominicana mostrando buen trabajo.

It’s part of the peloton to demonstrate what is right in the training camp to get under Grand Leagues with them Astros of Houston.