Joel Campbell patronizes Costa Rica football club

El delantero tico del Club León played for Limón FC for 18 months

Joel Campbell, actual futbolista costarricense part Club León, tomo the decision of patrocinar a Limón FC, a team that is currently in the top division of Costa Rica football and that during its last months will be reinvented in many areas.

The champion with the Club León it’s clear that his deso is supporting the team of his father y, from mexico, he enters the good job that comes Limón FC, as football-level as administrative, so decided to patronize with TWELVE Sports Center, Centro de Alto Yield which found some days ago.

”Siempre he querido apoyar a Limón FC. Being in Mexico makes me realize that I have the good manners and that motivates me to become a patron. It’s a first step, you always want to help and stay with one TWELVE Sports Center of Lemon in a Future, ”Campbell commented.

Cristian Williams, director of communications of Limón FC, dejó claro que están muy agradecidos con Joel Campbell to convert to a new patron of the caribbean institution and the catalog as a light count with his support.

“Campbell is the son of the house, for which he was very gratifying when, from Mexico, we called Joel to believe that he wanted to be the patron of Limón FC. In the midst of our loneliness, even more so as a patron, Joel is of the family and we feel like the lemons we always like. For us it is a lukewarm tenerlo in the team ”; Williams’ opinion.

Joel Campbell respaldará by los proximos 18 months to team of Limón FC with its Centro de Alto rendimiento, TWELVE Sports Center, under the plan of the first team of Limón, as well as its minor leagues ten, and from this moment, in the most modern center of high yield of the country at its disposal.