James Rodríguez has to choose between football and the night with friends

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James Rodríguez parish live a semester of ensemble; the martyrdom ends with Zidane y el Real Madrid, lo fichó el Everton and tuvo un arranque de spectacular tempora, sin embargo las ultimas semanas no han sido las mejores del Colombian.

Its yield has been reduced to a new one and it has begun to show signs of life in the wild fur of canes. Including from his country, Colombia, the critic by prefer the party antes that el football.

“I think so, because the move to Real Madrid, to Bayern Munich and now it’s going to Everton, that James Rodríguez has a psychological problem with this solo. And he attributes it to his life because he maintains a great deal of confidence from model friends for here and for the other lado “, dijo el periodista Weibar Muñoz the Win sports.

Muñoz attribute the intermittent level of James por su vida nocturna and the relationship that has with persons of the medium of the farándula.

“The thing that creeds me to say is that I’ve been frank, that the lord James Rodríguez tends to escalate between football and count to 100 per cent or dedicate himself to the farandula, that’s my opinion”.

The attacker played 11 games in the present campaign with the team of Carlo Ancelotti, hizo 3 goals, puso 3 assists and a lesion that lo alejó 3 fechas del campo.

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