James Hamblin, the expert in preventive medicine who was 5 years old when he died

James Hamblin is a medical specialist and preventive medicine and professor of the prestigious University of Yale. Five years ago I made a decision that, in the first instance, I would like to have one more extra: dejo de ducharse. Hoy echa la vista atrás y no puede estar más satisfecho: “Me encuentro perfectly perfectly well. Te acostumbras. Me siento normal”.

Corría el año 2015 cuando dejó de pasar a diario por la ducha: “Pasamos dos años completos de nuestras vidas bañándonos. ¿Cuanto de ese tiempo (y dinero y agua) es un desperdicio?” But, where did he go? “There are many people who are very small. I think it is possible, but I would like to be intentional by myself to see the effect of the series “.

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Now, five years have passed, no one can be more than happy with his decision: “With time, tu cuerpo se acostumbra cada vez más para que no huela tan mal if not used deodorant and soap. Y u piel no se vuelve tan grasienta cuando dejas de usar jabones fuertes. Many people use champu to eliminate the aceites of the cable and then apply a conditioner to collocate synthetic aces. If logs are stored in this circle, your cable will terminate in the manner in which you intend to use these products “.

Five years ago

James explained to the BBC that “the main thing is to understand that the time has come for the effects, not succeeding at night in the morning, not being immediate. I have moments when I think I should take the extra, oil and feel that it will grow .Pero eso empezó a pasarme cada vez menos “. And it explains a graphic form: how many uses, less necessities; and how many are needed, less used.

Hamblim published his experience in the book ‘Limpio: the new science of the skin and the beauty of making men’

The doctor explains that it is excessively “altera” a species of equilibrium between the oils of the skin and the bacteria that live. When you shower aggressively, you destroy the ecosystems. Repurable quickly, but species that are unbalanced and tend to favor the types of microbes that produce olor. Your ecosystem has a stable state and bad days. Ingen hueles como agua de rosas … Simply hueles como una persona “.

A periodical to James Hamblin le preocupaba “estar oliendo”, but that is not the end of education. The doctor reiterates that he was asking “colleagues, friends and people who are serious about being honest” to make sure he does not take a bad breath. Now, dice that have a “propio” odor: his wife has had a good time and likes it, while the rest of the acquaintances conform to deciding that “she is not bad”.