Is the new coronavirus variant more deadly?

London (CNN) – The United Kingdom has identified a potentially more contagious coronavirus variant of a recent increase in cases in England.

The new mutation is VUI-202012/01, the first “variant in investigation” in the United Kingdom in December 2020. If well, scientists will be able to find out more about the variant, its impact and the number of countries and taxes imposed on the travelers of the United Kingdom.

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What is the variant and by what means the preoccupation with the functionaries?

A variant that changes the genetic structure of a virus changes. All viruses mutate with time and the new variants are common, including the new coronavirus.

Although there are other variants, there is a genetic hurdle that makes it easier to retrieve, and as a result it is very extinct in the English language. It is by itself not necessarily necessary that a variant be more contagious or irritating.

However, the scientists who assess the governorate of the United Kingdom estimate that this variant can propagate up to 70% more than others. Peter Horby, President of the Assessing Group of New and Emergency Respiratory Respirators (NERVTAG), said that the experts “now have a great deal of confidence that this variant has a transmission promise” about other variants.

The director of English medicine, Chris Whitty, said that the variant contained 23 changes, including 17 “no synonyms” key claves.

«These [17] are the ones that change the protein sequence of one of the viral genes, ”said Jeffrey Barrett, covid-19’s lead geneticist and the Wellcome Sanger Institute of the United Kingdom, Science Media Center.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday that these “could influence virus transmission in humans” mutations, although more research is needed in the laboratory.

Scientist Neil Ferguson, a member of NERVTAG, said Monday that the variant could be more infectious for the nines. “There is an indication that [la variante] “It has a mayor’s intention to infect the ninjas,” he said in a press release organized by the Science Media Center (SMC), although there is a need for more dates. The serious gravity of debt to covid-19 follows being relatively rare in the nines.

The hallazgos have immediate implications for virus control. In borgmester number of cases may be a tension with a borgmester for the hospitals and sanitary staff just when entering during a universal period that is specifically difficult and, ultimately, provokes more deaths.

Is donde originating and how is it established?

It was created that the new variant originated in the surest of England, following the OMS. Salud Pública de Inglaterra (PHE) terninger that the rastreo haras atras, utilizing genetic evidence, suggest that the variant surgeon for first time in England, in September. Luego circulé en niveles muy bajos hasta mediados de november.

“The increase in cases related to the new variant will be resolved first in the November finals when PHE investigates what cases of infection in Kent (in England’s surest) will not reduce the number of national restrictions. Luego, we will find a group of wine in this variant that is propagated rapidly in London and Essex », says PHE.

Pero Sharon Peacock, Professor of Public Health and Microbiology at the University of Cambridge, said that scientists in the field had the mutation originated in the English language or were introduced to it from another place.

During a March press conference, Peacock also praised the strength of the United Kingdom’s genetic vigilance operation. «If you find it [una variante] in any place, it will probably be found here first », dijo. “And if it is found in places that have no sequence, it will not be found in absolute terms unless it is used [otros métodos]».

Whitty said on Saturday that the variant was responsible for 60% of the new infections in London, which were duplicated only in the last week.

Some experts have suggested that this new variant may have amplified debit to a super-propagation event, which means that the actual increase in cases also has been caused by human behavior.

“When we’m going to see this huge increase, we can have it for many things. Podría haber sido [debido a] changes in behavior », said Judith Breuer, professor of virology at UCL, during an informative session on March.

«[Pero ahora] It is very clear that there is a significant increase in the prevalence of this variant and that it is probable that this is due to the biological characteristics of the variant and, therefore, the increase in transmissibility ».

What countries have you been affected by?

The variant has been extended to global level. In addition to the United Kingdom, the variant was also detected in Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands and Australia, following the OMS.

Australia has identified two cases of the variant in an area in quarantine in Sydney and Italy has also identified a patient infected with the variant.

It has also identified a variant similar to the separate one in South Africa, but scientists say it is extending rapidly to most of the coastal areas of the country.

Is the new variant more deadly?

There is no evidence now to suggest that the new variant is more deadly, according to Whitty and the OMS, although it has been released soon.

Various experts have reported that, in some cases, the mutations of the virus increase the transmission of companionship by reducing virulence and mortality rates.

“While it transmits the virus, it can select those that allow a virologic ‘major’ exit, which changes the properties of the virus over time. It’s generally leading to a mayor’s transmission and less virulence », said SMC Martin Hibberd, professor of emerging infectious diseases at the School of Hygiene and Medicina Tropical de Londres.

Do the vacancies develop against this variant?

But there are no signs that the current pioneer vacancies are working against this new variant, he said experts and pharmaceuticals.

The companies that are behind the first vacancies that obtain the authorization in EE.UU., Pfizer / BioNTech and Modern, are trying their vacancies to verify that they are effective against the variant.

The coronavirus has mutated antecedents and dichas claiming that its vacancies function against other variations of the virus.

Vacunas can be effective against new covid-19 cepa 0:33

The executive director of BioNTech, Ugur Sahin, said that he had “scientific confidence” in the fact that the current Pfizer-BioNTech vacancy could work against the new variant, with complete dates available in two weeks.

Scientific data from EE UU. he says that it is possible that this new variant, in a small way, has reduced the efficiency of the vacancies.

Trevor Bedford, associate professor of the Division of Vaccines and Infectious Diseases at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, said: .

Bedford explains that the possible variant could reduce the effectiveness of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine, which is 95%, but with a “modest effect, not a dramatic effect”.

Sahin of BioNTech says that, without embarrassment, the new variant could require that the countries be evacuated to more populations, raising the list to house the collective facility.

«[Sobre] the theme of collective housing has always been a discussion about 60-70% », said at a press conference on March. “But if the virus is more effective at infecting people, it is necessary that we include a high level of evacuation to ensure that the normal life can continue without interruptions.”

What do you mean when you look for the variant?

Large extensions of England, including London and the Surest, are now subject to strict restrictions of Level 4 of covid-19, and experts in the British government say he may require additional restrictions in order to recover this variant.

Teachers of Europe, Middle East and American countries have also announced travel bans for the United Kingdom or new requirements for testing and quarantine for the United Kingdom.

The White House is considering demanding the release of United Kingdom travelers who present a negative coronavirus test before reading the EE.UU, the CNN director’s diocese.

In its press release on March, the OMS issues a basic media recorder to reduce the transmission of the virus: avoid close contact with infected people, wash them frequently and use a mascara.