Iran’s dice that Trump’s destination will be equal to Saddam Husein’s

Tehran, Iran

The Iranian President, Hasan Rohaní, These are the remarks that the President of the United States, Donald Trump, is calling for a similar decision against the failed Iraqi dictator Sadam Husein, who has started a war against Iran.

“Trump’s destiny will not be greater than Saddam’s, Sadam and Trump “We are fighting for places that will incite against the nation of Iran in the military and economic war”, Rohaní said during the Gabinete weekly session, the Presidency’s official website announced.

Rohan indicated that Trump, in his confrontation with Iran which tenia as objectively acabar with the system of the Islamic Republic, fracasó, al as the hizo Sadam Husein in his military war against the Persian country, which tuva lie between the years 1980-1988.

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“We’ve created creatures that will inflict war on our people; A place is Saddam and the other Trump, a military war and the other economic war against our people.”

“In the military war, we are unanimous and our unanimous vote in order to capture the victory and the day that we will hear where we are the final victory,” he said.

The President of the EE.UU, Donald Trump, will retire in 2018 to his country of nuclear war in 2015 between Iran and its six major world powers and impose sanctions against the Persian country.

Iran is facing a severe economic crisis due to the sanctions it has inflicted on a strong influence in the life of the people.

The COVID-19 vaccine is currently being processed in a retaliation for the Iranian authorities, in addition to more than 54,000 bankruptcies and one million contagious, the most affected by the Middle East pandemic.

Rohaní in his discourse of high intention to transcend to the citizens, to those who promise that all will be admitted to the vacancy.

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“Respect for COVID-19, we do not have any preoccupation with the future, nor with the elaboration, nor with the production of the vaccine”, Rohaní said and assured that The Ministry of Health is giving its all “.

This week, the Iranian vaccine has entered the human testing phase and it is hoped that the June 2021 finals will see its massive production.