Inter gana with Vidal pero no le alcanza para ser líder

Inter Milan win 2-1 a Hellas Verona as visit and follow in the pelea by the Scudetto. The team of Arturo Vidal (ingresó a los 70 ‘) y Alexis Sánchez (followed by a lesion) scored 33 points in the classification.

Elenco interista fue puntero momentano por dos horas, hasta que fue superado af el AC Milan, that derrotó 3-2 to Lazio as local and recovered the goal with 34 points.

The first time was very opaque. Appears an ancient part of the Italian Serie A and not in recent times, donde el Calcio nos ha acostumbrado a partidos con villos goles y emotiones.

An example of the first faction song is that one of the detached players was a defensive cross of Giangiacomo Magnani. The Zaguero of Hellas Verona was brilliant for sacrificing the pelella to Romelu Lukaku.

Precisely the Belgian Lukaku was the protagonist of the only great league of Inter. The ‘9’ increases the balloon with a class of shoes and a gift for Lautaro Martínez. The Argentine delinquent disappears with potential and Marco Silvestri’s winner avoids 1-0.

The local team showed very little offense. In its unique arc approximation, at minute 25, Federico Dimarco disappear the first palo, but the closet Samir Handanovic estuvo bemærkelsesværdig para achicar y evitar el gol.

The second time was different. And clear, in the 52 minutes the Inter abrió the account and obtovo a merecido premium. Achraf Hakimi sent a center from the right y Lautaro Martínez defined quickly with a contour in chic area. Goalkeeper.

In an incredible game, Hellas empathized. Davide Pharaoh’s credit for signing the balloon to close the center. The Samir Handanovic team escapes the balloon and the young Serb Ivan Ilic, 19 years old and belongs to Manchester City, only to be able to fill the inside of the arch.

The Inter adelanto draws the lines between the empath and meets quickly the 2-1. Walk to the 69 ‘, through a center of Marcelo Brozovic, who was connected in a perfect way by Milan Skriniar. Great cabezazo del Slovak, which changed the direction of the balloon and descolocó to the New Year’s archive.

Vidal control – el mediocampo

Antonio Conte enters Ingur to Arturo Vidal just through the goal of Skriniar, but the change is already planned. The flying Chilean was a protagonist and assisted by Lukaku in a game in which the Belgian caste.

In the 20 minutes that it has been playing, the ‘Rey Arturo’ has been on the ball for 25 weeks, with a score of 93 per cent. Passing the keyhole, a deflection time is reached and a balloon interception is made.